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November 19, 2021

Top Strategy for Freelancers leverages Blockchain Tech to Cut out the Middleman

Self-employed workers have become a pivotal element of modern society in this tech age. They provide crucial skills for enterprise and also contribute to their economies of operation, worldwide. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr bridge the gap with technology. They help connect freelancers scattered across the world to potential employers everywhere. For that reason, platforms that provide talent markets generate billions of dollars of business each year. Sadly, the biggest platforms on the market have hogged the spotligh. They have taken large percentages of the profits earners would otherwise enjoy. This makes it more challenging for these freelancers to maximize their earnings. Of course, one can easily argue that without such platforms, these workers may never have had the opportunity to connect with these clients they find there. This is a very fair and important point.

Concerns about Current Talent Market Places

Those are not the only concerns. Though these online talent markets may dominate the market, they also face the same challenges most businesses face across the industry. Such challenges include the difficultly of finding workers with the ability to produce quality work consistently. On the other side of the coin, freelancers taking up the challenge of hustling online are at the whim of the powers that be. The authorities can change and make policies and decisions that may not always be in their best interests. One primary qualm of many freelancers is that of the percentage that the authorities have to deduct from the monies they generate from their freelancing. In many cases, this percentage may be 20% and above.

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Using blockchain technology could well be the solution that many freelancers decide to turn to cut out the middle man and keep more of the hard-earned money they make. Smart contracts are also used to make the process easier and more streamlined. Several companies are seeing the potential and need. One such company ready to disrupt the industry is Okratech Token. Okratech Token has revealed their new platform, OrtJob, as a new player in this space. OrtJob aims to help freelancers do their jobs more smoothly by providing a self-governing DAO driven completely by decentralized finance (DeFi). One of the main perks of this model is that if freelancers or their clients experience disputes, professional mediation is included in this model. In addition, clients can search for the best fit of workers for a specific job and at a mutually satisfying service rate.

An Error Free Process Using Blockchain

Ortcoin platform, another solution provider, gives businesses the opportunity to promote their projects and take bids from interested workers. After bids from freelancers are received, the owners of the project have the chance to review the bidder’s proposals and profiles and to message them in real-time. They have the opportunity to find workers that would be ideal for the job. If the project owners feel that they found the right person, they can then award them the work opportunity. The platform also allows clients to pay based on milestones achieved by their workers. This process may sound pretty much like what one would expect in some of the major talent marketplaces. It is, essentially. What is the big and very important difference is that of the service fee. In this solution, there is no fee. Workers get to enjoy their hard-earned money. This is possible because of a blockchain layer that decentralizes the application’s services and allows the service to run without human intervention. With this key element out of the way, costs are significantly much lower.

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An Innovative Solution

There is nothing like this and so this solution stands out. Many freelancers having to part with a talent platform’s fee, and withdrawal fees. Others also have to part with fees to cash their funds from their local ATMs globally. What they end up taking home could be a far cry from what they earned. This innovative solution serves a global audience with the opportunity of making earning a livable wage that much more likely for all.