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David Agullo

July 26, 2021

Social Media Platforms For Crypto Marketing

If you converse with the normal educated person now, they most likely have known about blockchain at least once. Crypto currencies are far from standard adoption, but the run-up in costs from last year has pushed the innovation immovably.
The discussion over the worth and future of these digital forms of money rages on as adherents and investors have made their niche networks make a big difference for the discussion. Blockchain PR firms and crypto advertising specialists presently comprehend that the most ideal approach to reach out to the community is through social media. Here are the most significant platforms for crypto marketing devotees and thought pioneers:


With over 1.5 billion views every month, Reddit is the fifth most famous site in the US and the eighteenth most popular in the world. It is severe rules and subreddit features draw exactly the type of segment that would be keen on crypto advertising, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain innovation. Probably the most influential names in the area regularly hang out on this platform. There is no uncertainty Reddit is one of the best platforms for the crypto community.


Originally intended for gamers who need to impart during games, Developer teams have progressively embraced discord, crypto advertising agencies, and ICO investors in recent years. The official /r/Cryptocurrency discord channel is the most mainstream, but on the other hand, there are also niche channels where engineers hang out and examine updates or thoughts.


Telegram was a definitive objective for community building in late-2017. It is still a well-known platform for ICOs and airdrops. Developers can keep their supporters updated continuously and the application has some rock-solid security features which protect users. However, you may have to filter through all the spam, bots, and phony followers to get to the great stuff.

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Based on the Steem blockchain, DTube is similar to YouTube. The platform utilizes an InterPlanetary File System, which is a distributed network for sharing and sorting information. As indicated by the DTube site, the mix of the decentralized idea of IPFS with that of the Steem blockchain makes DTube control resistant.

Essentially, the ability to edit or advertise any videos is in the hands of the clients through upvotes and downvotes. This platform has a sharp spotlight on visual substance. It permits users to upload, remark, share and watch videos while acquiring cryptocurrencies.


Twitter is the most significant social platform on this list, but it’s unavoidable just due to how influential it is. Crypto thought pioneers like Anthony “Grandeur” Pompliano, Coin Center’s Neeraj Agrawal, Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, and flexible investments manager Mike Novogratz are largely effectively accessible on the platform.


Influencers, blockchain organizations, and founders themselves are using medium to give users and investors explicit and complete information. To instruct people in general on processes and use cases, over 280 characters will positively be required. Medium will prove to be useful to give long-structure content that is loaded with information.

Writing for a blog with Medium can give you a major lift because long-structure content known to net better scores in open response and it will help you appear near the top of internet searcher results.

Special mention: BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk is not so much popular for crypto marketing community. But some outdated adopters and abundance hunters still hang out there. BitcoinTalk is currently the best discussion forum where Satoshi Nakamoto first presented Bitcoin and where the term ‘Hodl’ discovered. The forum is extraordinary for making proclamations of new airdrops and ICOs and rapidly acquiring traction.

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Blockchain ventures and Cryptocurrency projects are inherently social. That’s why making a community on some of these social media platforms is important in case you’re launching your project.