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April 19, 2022

Offline Dogecoin Transactions Using Starlink the Next Big Thing?

The Dogecoin Foundation is attempting to use Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites to execute DOGE transactions offline.

The team is currently laying the groundwork to incorporate Starlink technology to support Dogecoin offline transactions, according to a recent blog post posted by two prominent members of the Dogecoin Foundation.

The foundation’s progress on Doge-related projects like as Gigawallet and RadioDoge was also highlighted in the recent post, which included important details about the new RadioDoge infrastructure, which seeks to execute offline Dogecoin transactions using Starlink technology.

The blog went into great detail on how the RadioDoge project hopes to perform offline DOGE transactions in order to facilitate global connectivity even in areas where internet access isn’t readily available.

RadioDoge uses a low-cost radio technology called HF/LoRaWAN, which will be integrated with the Starlink satellite network to make Dogecoin offline transactions more cost-effective. People who reside in distant places or in areas where internet infrastructure is still underdeveloped will benefit the most from the technology.

The foundation also wants to increase Dogecoin’s usability by assisting users in getting the most out of their transactions.

Starlink aspires to maximize the potential for Dogecoin to positively touch the lives of humans everywhere by creating projects that allow anyone on the planet to build a non-custodial Dogecoin wallet and transact DOGE for products and services.

The Dogecoin Foundation team is also focusing on laying the framework for the Gigawallet and RadioDoge projects, including boosting the first phase of Libdogecoin, which will serve as the initial introductory block for future DOGE products, according to their blog post.

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More information was provided by the foundation, which stated that Doge’s Michi Lumin has developed a Regional Hub that will serve as a testing ground for the technology. Furthermore, the team has begun the first transaction generated with Libdogecoin.