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George Spencer

October 3, 2021

Islamic Conformant Cryptocurrency Caizcoin Wins Prestigious Award

Caizcoin has won the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) award, one of the world’s most prestigious and well-respected market-led awards in Islamic banking and finance.

Caizcoin, which combines modern blockchain technology with Islamic values, is continuing to revolutionize the crypto industry by providing excellent investment opportunities for the Islamic community and global enthusiasts. 

The Caizcoin team explains that “Caiz ” is the Arabic word “Jaiz,” which means permissible, confident, and legal. They further define it as a permitted and lawful cryptocurrency created to provide a plethora of financial benefits and applications. According to them, Caizcoin is the first to introduce a blockchain-based coin that complies with Islamic law. The tokens are certain to appreciate and will grow in leaps and bounds. 

When asked about their Islamic conformance, they said that Caizcoin focuses on providing a financial solution that bridges the gap between the Islamic and modern worlds. Its alignment with ethical and moral values makes it distinctive and trustworthy to the Islamic community and other communities of the world. Following the current trend of secure trading, the project is merging a futuristic financial system with the historical philosophy of Islamic Finance, focused on justice, truth, fairness, and the welfare of all its investors and trustworthy partners. In their own words, 

“We have a tense relationship with the Islamic community, which has left us with a lot of questions because we represent the Islamic community in the coin business. And we’d like to break down these barriers, respond quickly, and win the hearts of Islamic as well as all other communities with our secure and peaceful crypto business.”

The fact that Caizcoin adheres to Islamic values further demonstrates its authenticity and dependability. It assures the community that the platform operates on moral principles and will never engage in enterprises or activities that are unethical. Caizcoin has a non-discriminatory policy to ensure that everyone in the world is treated fairly and has access to the same services on its platform.

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Caizcoin will soon be listed on all major global exchanges, making it accessible to investors and users all over the world.

Another unique thing about Caizcoin is that they are a holding company. Being identifiable portrays a trustworthy image of the business. They created a company in the name of Caiz Holding AG, to present themselves more formally and even more friendly to the investors. This further approves their legality, building trust in the community by ensuring users that they are not investing in some shady business. People have addresses to reach out to in case they ever face any difficulty. Caizcoin, operating as a formal business entity, creates a unique place among crypto service providers.

Being such a unique and revolutionary crypto platform, Caizcoin stands out from other cryptocurrencies because its concept is built around the investor and customer’s best interests. While the primary focus is on the clients’ needs, it achieves this by using the cryptocurrency concept to provide caring, personable, and transparent services.