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May 5, 2022

Fashion Designer Phillip Plein Dives Into Crypto

Many firms are testing the waters in the cryptoverse in order to move the fashion sector into new ideas and trends. Fortunately, the crypto sector has opened its arms wide, ready to accept and flourish with the fashion world.

Philipp Plein is a fashion designer who has recently begun dabbling in crypto. He showed a collection at Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, alongside Dolce & Gabbana, Jacob & Co, and many other designers who joined Decentraland in an effort to bring fashion and the Metaverse together.

Plein used the skull that is so prominent in his brand to not only introduce the models but also to showcase his work during the event.

Plein didn’t get into crypto because of Metaverse Fashion Week. Something flared in him in 2021. There was no plan in place. It was just that everyone was talking about cryptocurrency, that everyone said it was amazing, and that it was happening. The designer told Cointelegraph that he lacked vision.

The occasion was organized to commemorate the opening of the Museum of NFT Art (MONA). Plein invited visitors to a demonstration of his nonfungible tokens on the third level of his London boutique. He had NFTs of monster figures on exhibit, as well as displays that showed his products. Plein wants to be the one who gets you your first NFT, both here and in his stores.

The NFTs can be purchased in person through a sales association, but this is only one aspect of the MONA London shop experience. He wants to give people a variety of methods to interact with NFTs, so that anyone with any level of crypto understanding can benefit.

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Plein also addressed his main complaint with NFTs, gas fees, as a cherry on top of this innovation in the ever-changing NFT industry. “They sell you the NFTs, but you still have to pay for gas. Explain a fucking gas fee to my 67-year-old mother.”

Plein decided to group the NFT price and the gas expenses together so that customers wouldn’t have to think about it.