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November 22, 2021

Crypto Gaming and Blockchain Technology Advances

The crypto Gaming and Blockchain technology advances, One industry leader from Atari said that exciting times may await us with the possibility that crypto gaming may outdo all other blockchain activities in the future. This was Maxime Bucaille, a Product Manager from Atari, a major video game-making company. He shared his insights on a panel at the “NFTs Gone Wild” conference that was held by CoinGecko. The panel, “What’s Nexxt for Crypto Games” was where Bucaille shared that Atari had honed in on blockchain technology since 2020. He described their level of focus n blockchain as “bullish” and what Atari is currently spending most of its time developing. He added that Atari had been specifically working on education and investment. This is interesting as Atari was once the globe’s biggest gaming business.

Another interesting bit of news that Bucaille shared was that Atari has been working on creating a metaverse product. This product would be online in the second quarter of 2022’s financial year.

Another panelist at the same panel said that Atari’s progress demonstrated the power of interoperability. Robbie Cochrane, co-founder, and COO of ChainGaurdians said this about Atari’s plans. ChainGuardians is a sci-fi-styled metaverse and NFT platform. Cochrane said that this interoperability that he believes Atari and other companies like it have, does not exist outside the blockchain field.

The Co-founder and CEO of WonderHero, Ethan NG led this event. Ng said there was greater potential for growth in blockchain gaming. He added that there was room for non-gamers to also get involved. Ng said that commentators, members of the audience, and other non-gaming content creators would have the opportunity to benefit from this potential for growth. He added that this opportunity included not just getting involved but also getting paid for their efforts.

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Sobering Thoughts

Regardless of the phenomenal growth of Axie Infinity, both Cochrane and Bucaille said game-fi was still in its early days. However, many still consider game-fi the next area for exponential growth in the crypto space. The ChainGuardians executive added his reflection on the growth of Axie. He stated that everyone pays attention to the growth of Axie and what it can continue to become in global economies. He added that most people do not pay attention to the pressing factors that affect the maintenance of this growth.

Both executives were in agreement when it came to Axie peaking, the platform may experience stagnation or even a decline in its number of users.

Pay to Play

Cochrane shared that his company had not yet enabled their play to earn economy yet. He added that other companies had to turn off their’s to make this functionality better. The Atari executive officer agreed. He pointed out when the first decentralized exchanges emerged, there was a lot of confusion among the public. This confusion died down when Uniswap came and an effective model was identified. He did add though that the majority of people simply do not know how to purchase on Uniswap. As a result, these people revert to buying tokens on major centralized exchanges like Coinbase. At the moment, he added, that this is the same for game-fi.

Thoughts on the Metaverse

With the current buzz on the Metaverse, the panelists also discussed this. Cochrane brought attention to the importance of the fact that transition is happening with gaming IPs. He shared his observation that traditional gaming intellectual property holders are entering the metaverse and decentralized economies. One example he shared was that of Dencetraland’s partnerships with Coca-Cola and Southeby’s.

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Bucaille said that Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform (now known as “Meta”) is basically social media 2.0 and a smart move on Meta’s part. This is definitely interesting to hear. What advances can we expect to see Meta make?