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James Carter

March 26, 2023

Breaking News: Calvaria Launches Sacrificial Altars

The platform for Calvaria: Duels of Eternity now has betting, which fits in well with the game’s theme and story. The staking platform, called “Sacrificial Altars,” lets you lock your tokens as a sacrifice in either of its two altars (pools), and the gods will give you a lot of money in return. You can choose a pool based on your goals and the rewards you want to get.

Calvaria Launches Sacrificial Altars with up to 30% Staking APR

If you stake them in a time-locked pool or not, the rewards you could get from them are different. The locked pool gives 30% rewards, but the no-lock pool, which gives 20% rewards, is just as good. You can go for the best based on how you feel about risk and reward. With a total of 11411732.43 RIA staked, the daily rewards are worth 0.0685%.

First time staking? Here’s a general idea. When you stake, you lock up your crypto assets for a certain amount of time to help a blockchain or a blockchain project run. When you stake your cryptocurrency, you get more cryptocurrency as a reward at a variable or fixed rate.

The same is true of Calvaria Sacrificial Altars. But it has more benefits than just letting you make more money. This is because you become a part of the project when you lock your tokens and show your support for it.

These are the two Calvaria Sacrificial Altars

1. Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte works best for people who want to make money quickly and have full control over their assets. Santa Muerte is a symbol of a god who blesses you no matter what you choose. She lets you take out your money every day and put it back in the same way, with the same return percentage.

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2. Quetzalqoatl

Quetzalcoatl is a real king and the person who made the world. His first and foremost value is loyalty. Those who are loyal to him will be rewarded generously. This one is for you if you like taking risks and getting a lot out of them. It is the best pool if you want to see your wealth grow long-term with higher returns. People say that even though Quetzalqoatl locks up your assets for at least eight weeks, the benefits are worth it. Another thing. If you want to put more money into Quetzalqoatl, you will have to make a new order.

How to make a Calvaria sacrifice: Everything you need to know

To join the staking program, you’ll need a Metamask, KuCoin, or any other cryptocurrency wallet that works with WalletConnect (such as Trust Wallet). Make sure you have at least 1 MATIC to cover the Polygon commission fee on top of the amount of RIA you want to bet. RIA should be on the Polygon network, which should come as no surprise. If you don’t have any, go to Uniswap and buy RIA after switching the DEX to Polygon. Calvaria has also released a bridge that makes it easy to switch from Ethereum RIA to Polygon RIA.

Now, use your Web3 wallet to log in to the staking dashboard of Calvaria. Choose the pool you want to play in and the amount of RIA you want to bet. Then click on “Stake” and confirm the transaction from your Web3 wallet. All done!

You can bet more tokens in both pools if you want to. But if you sacrifice more RIA tokens at the Quetzacoatl altar, it will be sent as a separate order with a new blocked period. You can bet as much as you want on Santa Muerte’s altar, and you can add more RIA tokens to the pool in the same way. Staking more RIA uses the same steps as above. Log in to Calvaria’s Sacrificial Altars dashboard, choose the pool you want to use, and decide how much RIA to stake. Now, click on “Stake” and make sure the transaction is complete in your Web3 wallet.

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To stake your rewards again, go to the staking dashboard and find the pool you want to stake them in. If you have rewards you can use, click the “Reinvest” button here. Don’t forget to check your Web3 wallet to confirm the transaction. To get your rewards, click “Harvest” under the pool and confirm the transaction. You’re done!

If you can’t stake, make sure that both your MATIC tokens and your RIA tokens are on the Main Polygon Network. That’s the only network where staking works.

The upcoming game release strengthens the allure of RIA staking.

The much-anticipated game “Calvaria: Duels of Eternity” is being made by the project’s graphic and tech teams, according to the most recent news from Calvaria. Calvaria is a P2E battle card game that takes place beyond the veil of death. Here, you can battle, win cards, and improve them so that you can become the most powerful force on the battlefield.

Calvaria Launches Sacrificial Altars with up to 30% Staking APR

The main goal of Calvaria is to make the game fun and easy for everyone to play. In other words, it will be free to play and won’t have any things like starter NFTs, wallets, or anything else that might scare away regular gamers. With this strategy, the project hopes to get a strong foothold in the larger gaming market.

The release of the game is expected to give RIA a big boost since it will be a key part of how the game is run and how it works. It’s best to buy RIA now, so you don’t have to pay a lot for tokens later. The investment could make more money because of the new sacrifice altars.