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March 5, 2022

BlockFi Analysis: More Women Will Be Getting Into Crypto This Year

According to a survey conducted by BlockFi, many more women will invest in crypto this year. According to the results of the quarterly Real Talk survey, which was released last week, 60% of respondents want to buy cryptocurrencies in the next three months. One in every three women polled stated they would buy cryptocurrency in 2022.

The poll results demonstrate a dramatic shift in women’s consumer perceptions toward cryptocurrencies in just one year. Only 29 percent of women polled in the company’s latest survey, released in September 2021, said they planned to buy cryptocurrency within a year. According to the findings of the survey, there is a significant reluctance among women to take on investment risks.

The majority of women who are interested in cryptocurrency do so in order to get an economic hedging. According to the new survey, 24% of women polled already possess a crypto asset. The majority, or 70%, are holding and have never sold since purchasing it. It is the most popular crypto approach among women. According to the poll, relatively few women are involved in crypto trading, NFTs, staking, mining, and other crypto products.

Six months ago, only 23% of women indicated they knew how to acquire cryptocurrency; now, that figure has nearly quadrupled to 45%, according to the findings of a recent survey. It suggests that more women who have heard about cryptocurrency have taken steps to learn more about digital assets.

Flori Marquez, Founder & SVP of Operations at BlockFi, stated that it was past time to address the education gap and on-ramp problems that continue to be the primary hurdles to women entering the crypto business.

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The educational disparity is obvious, as 80 percent of women polled stated they still find crypto highly puzzling, despite having heard of it 92 percent of the time. Education still makes a big difference between those who have heard about it and those who are already doing it.

According to the poll, 15% of women interested in crypto have a crypto career perspective in addition to other economic perks. One out of every ten people polled indicated they planned to apply for a blockchain or crypto-related job this year. Marquez anticipates that more women will enter the crypto industry.