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March 31, 2022

Billy Markus suggests a change that could bring huge success for DOGE

Billy Markus, co-founder of Dogecoin, has urged the dogecoin community to promote the asset as a digital money. Despite the fact that he is no longer involved in the project, Markus has continuously made proposals to support DOGE’s growth.

Billy Markus asked the Dogecoin community yesterday in a series of tweets to drop the ‘meme/speculation label’ and promote Dogecoin as a digital currency for payments. Markus believes that the crypto ecosystem is rife with tokens and assets created by groups expecting to profit from their investment. He feels that Dogecoin possesses the required characteristics to distinguish itself as a medium of trade.

“Dogecoin needs to market itself as a digital CURRENCY… there’s already infinite digital speculation and digital utility tokens and chains, and pointless speculation tokens are made daily… dogecoin is in the best position to be the most used for purchasing and tipping... if you want dogecoin to succeed, continue to be relevant, and have a reason and need to exist, utility comes from using it, accepting it, and showing others the benefits to do so.”

Markus is not the first to advocate for the deployment of Dogecoin as a significant currency. Billionaire Elon Musk, who worked at PayPal and has a history in payments, previously stated that Dogecoin was the finest form of money he had ever seen. 

The Billionaire explained in an interview with TIME that the scalability and inflationary restrictions of Dogecoin lead him to favor the crypto currency over Bitcoin and Ethereum as a source of payment.

Dogecoin is now accepted as payment for select Tesla items. AMC Theatres recently revealed that it will accept payments in the pioneer meme currency.

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Musk has stated that if he acquires Twitter or develops his own social media site, he will include the meme coin as a tipping option. Musk has recently voiced discontent with the microblogging network, prompting speculation that the world’s richest man may explore purchasing it or developing his own social media platform.

Despite the fact that Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer established Dogecoin as a joke, the token has seen widespread acceptance. Billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have both shown their support for Dogecoin. While progress on the project has been uneven, this year promises to be different.