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David Agullo

August 24, 2021

What More Crypto Oversight Should Resemble?

In his first significant discourse on cryptocurrencies, Gary Gensler, U.S Exchange Commission Head, signaled a pathway for endorsing a Bitcoin ETF. Despite Coinposters News reports that such a move would assist with carrying the tokens into the standard, the SEC has been delayed to act. The organization needs to ensure financial backers would be sufficiently secured before endorsing any of the at least six Bitcoin ETF applications. “We simply need more financial backer assurance in crypto,” Gensler said in comments ready for the Aspen Security Forum. “It is more similar to the Wild West.”

Here is what our Opinion feature writers and contributors have been saying about digital currencies, guidelines, and the need to protect investors:

How Bitcoin ETF Would Protect Investors

“The SEC faces a major choice about digital currency: Whether to approve a Bitcoin ETF. Even though it is ideal to see such ETFs endorsed only after Congress has reinforced crypto guidelines generally, the probability of that happening soon is low. The next best thing, then, is for the SEC to endorse an ETF restrictively in a manner that would improve simplicity and honesty in the business.” — Timothy Massad

Bitcoin Is Tipping Scales For U.S. ETF

“The SEC has struggled for quite a long time about whether to allow them, and the appropriate response so far is no. The security regulator has a list of worries that incorporates inadequate liquidity, empowering criminal financing, hacking, price control, and assets’ capability to approve ownership and worth their coins. There is also the consistently present worry about financial backer protection, for this situation that Bitcoin’s wild swings will batter
investors. Those are genuine concerns, yet deferring the inescapable — Indeed, Bitcoin ETF is coming — has made things more convoluted.” — Nir Kaissar

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Instructions to Keep Crypto From Crashing the Financial System

“Quite a long time ago, the domain of digital currencies was an inquisitive sideshow, where crooks worked together and enthusiasts fiddled at their own risk. Not any longer. It is quickly developing into a genuine Westworld of money, where glitchy simulacra of speculation assets, banks, and subsidiaries allow visitors to face immense risks – risks that could spill over into conventional business sectors and the more extensive economy.

Regulators have been attempting to figure out this. Significantly they succeed, and soon.” — Editorial

The Hidden Risk under Crypto’s UnFunnyNotMoney

“One consoling part of the rollercoaster ride that saw Bitcoin lose a large portion of its worth in less than two months is the insusceptibility of the genuine financial world to bug from crypto tokens, which I progressively consider as UnfunnyNotMoney. In any case, there is a peril that theorists, especially in case they are young and unpracticed, have a “when chomped, twice timid” response to losses that could hurt their penchant to allocate money to long-term investment funds. The gamification of finance is a stressing trend, and it is not simply confined to purchasing and holding cryptocurrencies.” — Mark Gilbert

Bitcoin in an IRA? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“Indeed, even the gutsiest investors would recognize that digital forms of money are hazardous. And that putting something aside for retirement ought to be a search for a measure of safety. However, salesmen have been covering potential financial backers with email pitches encouraging them to put Bitcoin and other digital currencies into retirement accounts. They push eye-popping gains, caution of creepy expansion and feature supports to assist with legitimizing the resource.” — Alexis Leondis