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January 27, 2022

Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Want to Ban Crypto

Russia’s attitude on cryptocurrency may be changing as a result of unexpected remarks made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is unlikely to endorse a cryptocurrency outright, but he appears to feel that rather than prohibiting bitcoin, Russia might make a lot of money mining it.

In the wake of the Bank of Russia’s recent proposal to entirely ban cryptocurrency mining and trading operations, Putin has provided investors in the country optimism.

During a video call with government ministers on January 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia has some competitive advantages when it comes to mining cryptos like bitcoin.

Putin’s comments come after a senior official in the country’s Ministry of Finance stated that rather than prohibiting innovations, they need to allow them the opportunity to develop.

The ministry’s endorsement came in response to the Russian central bank’s proposal for a nationwide crypto prohibition.

The Bank of Russia, according to Putin, has its own stance on the subject, and believes that cryptocurrencies pose a risk to residents, owing to their extraordinary volatility. They do, however, have some competitive advantages in this area, particularly in the so-called mining. He cited the country’s plenty of electricity and well-trained workers.

After China, the greatest provider to bitcoin processing power at the time, imposed restrictions on the industry, leading to an exodus of miners, Russia saw a surge in mining activity. Russia, on the other hand, has long argued whether or not to prohibit cryptocurrency-related activity.

Putin has requested the Central Bank and the administration to meet shortly to address the cryptocurrency issue and come up with some form of “unanimous opinion.” The news is presumably good, as Russian authorities and regulators have been unfriendly, unsure, or contradictory in their approach to virtual assets at various periods.

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Russia is said to have been experimenting with cryptocurrency in order to protect its economy from punishing US economic sanctions. The country, on the other hand, has been hesitant to develop a single regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Nation-states, banking behemoths, and technology conglomerates are either embracing cryptocurrencies or admitting that they are a significant rival to their business at this time.