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David Agullo

July 30, 2021

How is Crypto Market Different from Sharemarket?

Crypto vs. stocks are one of the most contentious issues in the crypto world. Most investors are wary of the stock market and are continuously on the lookout for alternatives, such as cryptocurrencies. With the participation of many companies and major hedge investors in the crypto market and the plummeting trend of tweets in the stocks, the market is gaining recognition and intriguing the interest of the audience.

The technology landscape is undoubtedly being disrupted by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. From small enterprises to large multinationals, grocery stores to financial institutions, everyone is talking about using blockchain to change the course of their sector.

Following the spike in Bitcoin values last year, cryptocurrencies that were formerly regarded to be wicked and only associated with the dark web have captivated the attention of practically everyone. Everyone is now banking heavily on the currencies’ success, as well as the blockchain technology that underpins them.

WHEREAS the Stock Market, hopes to fuel the growth story by generating investment possibilities, facilitating access, and empowering the stakeholders. It works harder, smarter, and faster to influence the investing ecosystem.

The main thing that bifurcates the stock market from the cryptomarket is the volatility, investments, and regulations that guide the complete framework.


The difference between shares and cryptocurrencies is the access to dividends. Successful companies often give their shareholders a yearly dividend amounting to a few percentage points of the share price each year. The size of the dividend is proposed by the board of directors of the company and resolved upon by the company’s general meeting of shareholders. The dividend feature doesn’t exist in the cryptocurrency world.

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The exchanges where you can trade financial products are not open on weekends, and they usually close around 5 p.m. (the exact time depends upon in which country the relevant exchange is based), whereas the crypto market is open 24/7 and the cryptocurrency can be purchased anytime.


Another feature that distinguishes the stock market from cryptocurrencies is privacy. When you buy a stock, it is issued in your name, and proof of your ownership is available.

It is quite easy for authorities or even people to find out the details of a transaction because of the record-keeping and tracking involved.

Although the cryptocurrency transaction details are shown on a public ledger, transaction data are displayed, but names and other personal information are not displayed.


Stocks are heavily regulated and must pass stringent audits to continue trading in the market. It is quite improbable that the stocks you choose to invest in would be fraudulent due to the intense inspection that comes with producing stock.

Cryptocurrency investing, on the other hand, is vulnerable to fraud. This is because it is inherently decentralized and unregulated. Over the years, Many scams involving crypto exchanges, trading, and mining have been reported throughout the years, with investors losing tens of thousands of dollars.

The distinction between cryptocurrency and stocks is undeniable. Cryptocurrencies are more volatile and risky than equities, but that doesn’t imply stocks aren’t.

Compared to stocks, cryptos are more profitable and offer greater liquidity. As a result, if you must choose between the two, it is highly advised that you explore investing in both equities and cryptocurrencies, but pay close attention to the latter.

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