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David Agullo

August 9, 2021

Ethereum Has ‘Much Higher than Bitcoin’ Economic Security

Justin Drake says Bitcoin isn’t enhancing for long-term consistency, which could mean the biggest organization needs to change something; Maybe move to PoS, Ethereum organization, or maybe eradicate the 21 million limit.

“Financial security on Ethereum is a much higher than bitcoin, and that adds to ultra-adequacy,” said Justin Drake, an analyst at the Ethereum Foundation, in a discussion on the podcast ‘Bankless.’

Explaining Ethereum’s new story of being ultrasound money to Bitcoin’s money, Justin said everything began with a meme. It was a joke, a statement with a double meaning, he said.

Recently, Ethereum benefactor Vitalik Buterin said on The Tim Ferriss’ Show that EIP 1559 makes Ether ultrasound currency by annihilating more ETH than is being made.

As per Drake, the fee-consuming proposal would additionally make Ether “an income producing resource.”

Ethereum is in a truly favorable position where it can do various things simultaneously, going about as a stock with a PE ratio and being somewhat of store esteem with this enchantment meme energy stored within it, he added.

The community, in any case, isn’t feeling Ethereum’s most recent story changed from “oil to control dapps on world PCs.”

Discussing Ether’s issuance, which made a warmed trade between Eth and Bitcoin developers the previous summer, Drake said verifiably, there have been two changes in Ethereum’s issuance.

The first in Oct. 2017 when block award was decreased from 5 ETH to 3 ETH per block, the second one in Feb. 2019 from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block, and presently it is currently doing another block reduction like a third approach change — eliminating evidence of work (PoW) and going to proof of stake (PoW) that is around a 10x improvement, from 2 ETH to generally 0.28 ETH per block.

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Rather than the Federal Reserve, Ethereum is heading one single way of hardening, he added.

Ethereans need to boost for long-term consistency, thus we have compromised the momentary consistency with initial experimentation, and “over the long-term, we will harden, and we are not going to change,” said Drake.

He then, at that point proceeds to say that, unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin, which discusses consistency, has dearly held secrets, which is optimizing for transient consistency but since it doesn’t have supportability comparative with security, it is not upgrading for long-term consistency.

“So who can say for sure what will occur later on,” Drake feels in the next few years, something needs to change. He doesn’t have a clue what exactly, however maybe bitcoin will move to PoS, or the Ethereum organization, or even maybe remove the 21 million cap, he said.