bitcoin mining

bitcoin mining

24 Jun 2023

Bitcoin Mining Operation for Pool Heating Sparks Debate at NYC Spa

A bathhouse and spa in Brooklyn, New York, caused a stir when it said it was running a small-scale Bitcoin mining operation to heat its pools. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Bathhouse said that

bitcoin mining

04 May 2023

Bhutan Reveals Secret Bitcoin Mining-Here’s How

DHL, which is the business arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan, is said to have entered the Bitcoin mining market by purchasing Bitcoin at a price of $5,000 per coin, as stated in a recent story p

bitcoin mining

06 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Weed Strain: Exploring the Relationship Between Two Revolutionary Concepts

The worlds of cryptocurrency and cannabis are two topics that have been taking the world by storm in recent years. Meanwhile, the legalization of marijuana in many states across the United States ha

bitcoin mining

14 Dec 2022

Why is bitcoin falling so much?

What is bitcoin, and why is bitcoin falling so much? These are the two most commonly asked questions about bitcoin, and for good reason. Bitcoin is a digital asset and currency that uses blockchain

bitcoin mining

01 Sep 2022

Compass Mining Shuts Down Georgia Sites

Compass Mining, a Bitcoin (BTC) mining rig provider, was warned that the owner of Georgia's profitable mining hubs 2 and 3 will close due to increased energy prices. Compass had no effect on the

bitcoin mining

16 Aug 2022

Bitcoin miner secures 708 MW in Q1 2022

Bitcoin miner Genesis Digital Assets said on Wednesday that it had purchased 708 MW of capacity as the company's U.S. growth continues. Currently, Genesis mines bitcoin in four Texas sites, three So

bitcoin mining

07 Aug 2022

Core Scientific upped BTC output by 10% in July

Despite having to shut down many times due to demand on the Texas power system, the cryptocurrency mining business Core Scientific announced that its operations generated 1,221 Bitcoin (BTC) in July

bitcoin mining

17 Jul 2022

Miners Liquidate 400% More Bitcoin Than in June

According to the most recent findings published by Arcane, a company that specializes in blockchain analytics, public miners sold close to 400 percent of their Bitcoin (BTC) output in June 2022.

bitcoin mining

09 Jul 2022

Bitcoin Miner Reserves Rapidly Decreasing

Miners are optimistic despite the fact that Bitcoin price continues to stay around the $22,000 level. Since the beginning of July, Bitcoin's value has increased from $367 billion to $414 billion. In

bitcoin mining

27 Jun 2022

Jiang Zhuoer disputes $4 billion in borrower loans

Former BTC.Top CEO Jiang Zhuoer claims that the number of loans to bitcoin miners that are at risk is much lower than what has been reported. He argues that there are only a finite number of mining

bitcoin mining

21 Jun 2022

Bitcoin Mining Company Bitfarms Sells 3000 BTC

Bitfarms, a Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining business, has announced the sale of around 3,000 BTC (about $62 million), making it the third mining firm to declare the selling of mined bitcoins in the aft

bitcoin mining

06 Jun 2022

What does the fact that Bitcoin miners sell during a slump indicate?

Bitcoin miners are liquidating their holdings against the background of fiscal consolidation and sluggish crypto sector development. Lark Davies, a crypto YouTuber, said that this has been occurring

bitcoin mining

02 Jun 2022

How Will the Market Respond to Bitcoin Miners Chucking Tokens?

Bitcoin miners have began selling their holdings on the open market in response to the precipitous decline in the cryptocurrency's value. According to a report by Bitcoin miner Compass Mining, a num

bitcoin mining

08 Jan 2022

US Congress On The Environmental Impact Of Bitcoin Mining

According to sources, the US Congress will convene a hearing to examine the environmental impacts of cryptocurrencies, with a focus on Bitcoin mining. The House Energy and Commerce Committee's Ov

bitcoin mining

08 Dec 2021

Iceland’s Energy Service Cuts Crypto Mining Power

Landsvirkjun, the company in Iceland responsible for power generation and supply has cut the quantity of power it supplies to some industries. These industries include aluminum smelters and Bitcoin

bitcoin mining

24 Nov 2021

China’s Ban on CryptoCurrency

China has made international waves on its ban on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They have cracked down on some other technologies as well. Several companies have felt the repercussions.

bitcoin mining

14 Oct 2021

U.S. Becomes The World’s Top Bitcoin Mining Hub

As China continues to intensify its crackdown on cryptocurrency transactions and other related activities, including mining, crypto miners have relocated to other locations. A new report publishe

bitcoin mining

04 Oct 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin Mining

Aside from the most common way of investing in cryptocurrencies, which is by purchasing them from exchanges or P2P platforms, some people want to know how to invest in bitcoin mining operations.

bitcoin mining

02 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Mining Ban Finally Lifted In Iran

The Iranian government has officially lifted the ban on bitcoin mining after the country’s former president, Hassan Rouhani, suspended all mining activities three months ago, local media Iran Intern

bitcoin mining

01 Oct 2021

El Salvador Is Mining Bitcoin With Volcanic Energy

A few weeks after officially becoming the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender, El Salvador has started mining the cryptocurrency with volcanic energy.  On Tuesday, El Sa

bitcoin mining

07 Sep 2021

Bitcoin Mining is Disastrous For The Environment

While the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin and other cryptographic money have for quite some time been discussed, their effect on the environment has just barely started to be talked about.

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