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January 28, 2022

What is Nexo (NEXO)? – All You Need To Know

Nexo is a blockchain-based overdraft system that allows customers to take out short-term cryptocurrency loans. There is currently no other option for crypto owners to use their assets than selling and buying them.

Nexo is a very profitable business strategy in which crypto owners can use their holdings as collateral and subsequently withdraw cash. Users have complete control over their cryptocurrencies while also having immediate access to cash. They can also access the value of their crypto assets at the same time.

Credissimo, a major FinTech company that has been serving millions of people from all across Europe for over a decade, founded Nexo. Since its inception, the organization has disbursed $120 million in loans while amassing $155 million in cash.

In a number of European nations, the firm is considered as a market leader in the online consumer lending industry. In 2017, they handled over a million loan applications and awarded 79,000 loans. Recurring clients account for 78% of the site’s traffic.

How it Works

Nexo loans are received the same day or the next day by bank transactions including SWIFT, SEPA, or ACH. A personal or company account can be used to receive funds. The fast crypto loans function in tandem with the free Nexo card option. It calculates a loan limit based on the value of crypto assets kept in a customer’s Nexo account, with more credit being accessible instantly after the assets appreciate in value.

Nexo Oracle is the platform’s throbbing heart, in charge of the vast majority of its operational aspects:

  • Network management
  • Performing real-time asset monitoring
  • Using data analytics to manage the distribution of loans and payback schedules.
  • The Nexo Oracle uses this information to calculate the ultimate amount a customer will get, as well as the cost of borrowing against one’s collateral and the repayment time.
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The Nexo Oracle will employ the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio in its computations to determine a client’s creditworthiness without having to review his or her bank account or credit rating data. The Oracle algorithm, for example, can analyze a client holding USD 1000 in BTC and assign a 50% LTV ratio, indicating that the client is eligible to borrow USD 1000 as the minimum loan amount in fiat money.


Nexo’s users have access to a high level of asset liquidity, which is unusual in the crypto world. While withdrawing larger amounts of actual capital remains problematic, the company provides its retail clients with a free credit card that can be used for everyday transactions. It’s also worth noting that by using Nexo’s instant crypto loan service, customers may maximize their capital gains while also taking advantage of other benefits.

The owners are not forced to pay any transaction, platform, or withdrawal fees, which are typically charged by most providers. Additionally, because there is no sale event, additional taxes of up to 39 percent of a user’s earnings can be avoided.

Finally, Nexo does not conduct any credit checks that could negatively impact a user’s credit score. The value of crypto assets placed in the Nexo Wallet totally secures the crypto loans, making this possible. Furthermore, transparent smart loan contracts protect and ensure original ownership of digital assets, which cannot be changed once recorded on the blockchain ledger.

To its credit, the Nexo project has the support of Credissimo, a financial company with millions of consumers and more than a decade of expertise. Its main business activities are instant online consumer loans, e-commerce financing, and payment services. The Nexo project arose from the Credissimo team’s desire to provide similar capabilities to the realm of digital assets, enabled by modern crypto technology.

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Given that crypto-related ventures are frequently subjected to regulatory scrutiny and public warnings, the situation with Nexo should be at least somewhat more relaxed, given that Credissimo is regulated by numerous European banking and financial services agencies.

What Nexo is Trying to Achieve

While the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies is still underway, early adopters of these technologies have already amassed substantial riches. Nexo creators want investors, businessmen, miners, and non-professional users to all benefit from this riches by avoiding holding on to digital assets whose value can depreciate over time due to a lack of rules or a lack of technological infrastructure.

Nexo’s rapid crypto loans model aims to solve the protracted holding problem on two levels: users can keep their crypto assets while also gaining access to “live” currency in fiat currencies like USD, JPY, or EUR. Furthermore, the market value of digital assets linked to users Nexo accounts would be used to secure their crypto-backed loans.

Today’s digital assets are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, with different requirements from one platform to the next. Their lengthy procedures and withdrawal restrictions are sometimes viewed as incompatible with the demands of today’s digital economy. This is exacerbated by the necessity to engage with traditional banks, who convert these assets into fiat currencies and charge additional costs and create procedural delays for clients.

Nexo’s goal is to eliminate these behaviors by providing globalized access to cash, allowing users to be more agile when it comes to capturing investment opportunities and meeting their liquidity demands on time. Owners of digital assets, on the other hand, are not compelled to pay additional transaction, withdrawal, or platform costs.

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Nexo is one of the most intriguing startups in the cryptocurrency space, offering actual utility to the market. Brock Pierce, a crypto entrepreneur and former child actor, used a $1.2 million line of credit from Nexo to mortgage a home in Amsterdam. Pierce didn’t had to make a single payment because the price of Bitcoin has risen continuously since he took out his loan. Cases like this demonstrate how profitable Nexo’s services are for both the company and its clients.

Nexo has already paid two dividends totaling $3.5 million in its first two years as one of the leading financial institutions for digital assets, demonstrating the company’s strong commitment to its loyal consumers.

As Nexo expands their business to include more and more wonderful services, it will be interesting to see how their goods evolve. Nexo is the world’s most advanced provider of fast credit lines, having handled more than $2 billion for its 700,000+ members.