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December 12, 2021

What is Glosfy Blockchain? Find your place in one search

Innovative Blockchain Technology in the real world

Glosfy is an innovative tech company
with companies and artists to discover the best places to go out all over the world and connect with them. Their goal is to be the world reference for people, artists, and companies providing the best solutions for their needs.


Glosfy is unique because is the only app working on this sector using the blockchain for its own services no other online solution provides a targeted service for the needs of users, artists and event companies, and engagement journey beyond “just one search”, and a chance to build up rewards for users paid in our own token, and a strong profile for event companies where they can hold amount of tokens. Artists can keep their followers up to date, with their dates and engage with them where they will be by their location, so they won’t miss any Event from them. Companies will have their own profile where they can publish also jobs, and information to keep their clients up to date. At the same time they can create events for those who need the ticket management system and extra functionalities. Glosfy is free for everyone, only pay as they go for selling tickets or ads.

What are their targets?

We will be targeting to have 500 companies registered to the App
across the territories. Most of their use of the App and income
generated will be from promoting their events and selling their
tickets. We are targeting around 60% of these businesses to take
advantage of the opportunity to promote the event on the App,
raising the profile, and 15% to paid-for advertising across the site
and App. We expected these numbers to build in the following
years, but we will need to build up a User following, and marketing
reach in order to have the stats to sell these opportunities

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You can find their websites here:

📲 Website Blockchain: https://glosfy.network
📲 Website App ( Alpha Test Product ): https://glosfy.com
📲 Telegram Ann: https://t.me/glosfy
📲 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/glosfychat
📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/glosfyapp
📲 Facebook: https://facebook.com/glosfy
📲 LinkedIn : https://linkedin.com/company/glosfy
📲 Instagram : https://instagram.com/glosfy