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James Carter

June 5, 2023

Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $4 Million in Just 10 Days

The first Monday in June 2023 – Within a span of just ten days, the highly anticipated meme coin Wall Street Memes crypto ($WSM) was able to amass a total of $4 million in sales from customers. As of the time this article was written, the continuing presale had successfully raised a total of $4,057,875.

Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $4 Million

The price has been set at $0.0271 at the moment but will increase to $0.0274 if Stage 9 of the pricing structure is activated, which occurs when the total amount raised hits $4,168,000. Currently, the price is $0.0271.

There is no time to waste if you want to buy at the lowest price that is now available; there is only $100,000 more that can be raised in the current Stage 8, and it will sell out very soon.

The success of the one million-strong stonk community is what drives future profits of 1,000 times.

The phenomenon known as fear of missing out (FOMO) is driving a frenzy of interest in the new meme coin, which has the support of a social community that numbers one million strong across various channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Not only does it have 524k members of its community actively participating on its wallstbets Instagram account, but it also has 224k on Twitter and more than 100k across its other two Instagram channels, wallstgonewild and wallstbullsnft.

Despite the fact that there is no indication that the meme coin season will end any time soon. The launch of $WSM could not have been timed any better than it is now.

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Because of its roots in the meme stocks frenzy that emerged during the height of the Covid outbreak, the team behind the Wall Street Memes token is well-versed in the art of creating communities that are actively involved.

Wall Street Memes

It is hardly surprising that market watchers anticipate returns of 10 times or more for Wall Street Memes when the stock first begins trading, yet, the price target may turn out to be much too low.

Due to the off-the-charts demand for $WSM, the presale milestones are being met in a very short amount of time. There are fewer than forty-eight hours left until the next tiered price increase in the presale process, according to the documentation. However, if things continue at their current pace, that goal will be accomplished considerably sooner than was initially envisioned.

The Wall Street Memes token was rebranded from “King of Stonks” to “King of Memes” with Elon Musk’s assistance.

Wall Street Memes is striving to achieve the title of “King of Memes” so that it can add it to its trophy cabinet beside the title of “King of Stonks.” And with one million social followers that are actively engaged, $WSM is expected to be a good target for listing by prominent exchanges such as Binance.

Centralized Exchanges

Nevertheless, before being listed on significant centralized exchanges, it will be distributed directly through decentralized exchanges. This will ensure that everyone can take part in the offering, independent of the rules that are peculiar to CEXs in their respective regions.

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The most notable achievement of the inventors of Wall Street Memes is the generation of $2.5 million in 2021. This was accomplished by minting the enormously successful Wall Street Bulls 10,000-piece NFT collection, which was completely depleted in just 32 minutes.

You shouldn’t put money on these folks not only replicating their previous success but also achieving it on an even greater scale with their community-focused $WSM coin.

Because of the already established power of the Wall Street Memes brand among individual retail investors, this meme currency also has something else going for it that none of the other meme currencies do: provable legitimacy.

When a multibillionaire like Elon Musk communicates with your Twitter feed, you know you’ve made it when you see something like that happening.

As can be observed by the great man’s interactions on the @wallstmemes Twitter stream, it is exactly the enviable circumstance that WSM is in:

Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $4 Million in Just 10 Days
Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $4 Million

When it comes to the influences of meme currencies, there is no one greater than Elon Musk. This is just one more reason why the Wall Street Memes token presale is already such a phenomenal success.