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January 13, 2022

A Guide to Gala (GALA): What You Need To Know

While some may believe that blockchain technology will be the future of money, others may disagree, one must accept that the usage of blockchain in video games is nothing short of brilliant. Many firms are already working on the future of multiplayer gaming through the medium of blockchain, despite the fact that it is still in its infancy. One of these businesses is GALA.

The player’s delight is at the center of GALA games’ vision. Their primary concern is having a good time. They feel that in their games, the blockchain should be undetectable. They use simple gaming elements that anybody can enjoy, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves to be blockchain experts. Here is everything you need to know about the ecosystem and its signature token.

What is Gala?

Gala is a gaming ecosystem where you can earn money by playing. The network supplies the market with decentralized gaming solutions that empower consumers in innovative ways. The developers want to enhance GameFi and blockchain adoption in particular. The phrase “GameFi” refers to the blending of finance and gaming.

Play-to-earn gaming networks are becoming increasingly popular. Users can now access value that was previously restricted to a specific gaming environment thanks to these networks. As a result, these networks have generated a lot of buzz. Notably, this exposure resulted in strong investment support for Gala. C2 Ventures teamed up with Gala Games to create a $100 million fund to invest in the growing play-to-earn gaming industry.

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform, is powered by GALA, an Ethereum token. Participants in the Gala Games use the currency as a means of communication. It can, for example, be used to purchase in-game things.

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The goal of the project is to eliminate the obvious hurdles that blockchain players have while dealing with these platforms. The project’s goal is to prevent players from spending a lot of money on in-game goods before they even start playing. The network is on a quest to completely reinvent blockchain gaming by giving users even more control over their games and assets.


Gala Games debuted in the market in 2019. Eric Schiermeyer, a co-founder of Zynga, devised this innovative gaming system. Gala has had some high-level partnerships in the business since its inception. Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Ember Games, AMC, and Certain Affinity have all signed gaming deals with the company. Each of these collaborations has served to increase the platform’s visibility and market penetration capabilities.

How it Works

Gala Games has also included a decentralized aim in its roadmap. It wants the public to have a say in how its games are developed. This is accomplished by users that run Gala Nodes, which provide network assistance in exchange for native cryptocurrency, exclusive NFTs, and voting power. The network is supported by a triple-proof node system that consists of three separate consensus methods.

The system’s computer power is provided by the proof of work protocol. Because they were among the Gala network’s early backers, the gear that executes this protocol is referred to as Founder Nodes.
Proof of stake nodes are paid nodes that rent smart contracts to run specific games.

Free nodes give proof of storage by allowing games to be hosted on the node system because it has storage capabilities. This eliminates the need for centralized storage and hosting. Owners of nodes will have the opportunity to vote on which games should be added to the platform.

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Gala Games, for example, presented a new adventure game called Betwixt last month and is only allowing Founder Nodes to vote on it. Although the voting date has not been set, a blog post disclosed the question: Should Betwixt get $1 million from the Gala Games $100 million Game Development Fund and be allowed to join the Gala Games Ecosystem?


Gala Games and other platforms are continuing to change the game industry. These protocols offer users a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn money doing what they enjoy. As a result, play-to-earn games like Gala are becoming more popular. As Gala Games releases its titles in the following weeks, expect to see a lot more development companies attempting to get into the industry.