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December 25, 2021

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)? Everything to Know

Players and investors have been paying close attention to crypto games since early 2021. This is due to the fact that the profits on each token are steadily increasing. One of the tokens that everyone is talking about when it comes to the number of users and rising revenues on the platform is AXS. It’s based on the “Play-To-Earn” paradigm, which allows people to earn money by playing games. More crucially, even individuals who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology can participate in this game.

What is Axie Infinity?

A Vietnamese team created Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game. It was influenced by the Pokemon and Tamagotchi games. Each player in the game has their own unique fantasy creature, known as Axie, with which they may engage in various activities such as combat, breeding, and trading in the marketplace.

Players can make money from the games in a variety of ways in addition to playing them (win the battle to gain rewards, trade pets). Axie Infinity was one of the first projects in DeFi to pioneer the “Play to Earn” approach. Because Axie Infinity is based on Ethereum, it is cognizant of its restricted scalability. As a result, Axie Infinity has created its own Ethereum side chain, Ronin Network, designed solely for Axie Infinity.

What is AXS Token?

AXS is the abbreviation for Axie Infinity Shard. It is an Ethereum Blockchain-based ERC-20 token with a maximum quantity of 270,000,000 AXS tokens. In fact, AXS was designed specifically for use on the Axie Infinity platform. Axie Infinity is a combat game inspired by Pokémon in which users may breed and develop their Axies to fight against other players.

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When it comes to mating their Axies, players must consider the race and rank of their characters in order to have the best chance of creating formidable progeny. Players may also sell their Axies and trade their islands or any other things in the game on the NFT marketplace.

There are two game modes in Axie Infinity: Adventure Mode, in which players must fight and complete each level successfully, and Arena Mode, which contains combat contests and needs at least three Axies in the battle.

Holders of AXS tokens will have a voting right in the game’s development. They may also stake their tokens to get regular payouts and pay for anything on the site using AXS currency, such as Axies on the Marketplace. As a result, the rapid rise of AXS tokens is contingent on the success of Axie Infinity’s platform.


Sky Mavis, a technology-focused game developer with a staff mostly headquartered in Vietnam, founded Axie Infinity in 2018. Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen co-founded it.

The platform’s current CEO is Trung Nguyen. Prior to starting Axie Infinity, Nguyen earned a BS in computer software engineering and worked as a software developer at Anduin Transactions.

Aleksander Larsen, a former competitive player, is acknowledged as a co-founder and COO of the platform. Larsen has worked in the blockchain gaming industry since 2017. He formerly served as the executive security officer for the Norwegian Government Security Organization and is currently the Secretary of the Blockchain Game Alliance’s Board of Directors.

The Axie Infinity team is made up of 25 full-time individuals, several of whom have prior game development expertise.

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How it Works

The basic gameplay of Axie Infinity is focused on battling and reproducing Axies, the unique animals at the center of the game.

Axies have a collection of features that distinguish them from other Axies and determine their rarity. These characteristics include class and body parts.


Axies, like other turn-based games, are designed to fight, and their combat efficiency is measured by four statistics:

-Axie’s health dictates how much damage they can absorb before they are knocked out.
-The order of turns is determined by speed, with the quickest Axies attacking first.
When an Axie plays several ability cards in a combo, skill adds damage.
-Morale boosts an Axie’s critical strike chance, which decides whether or not it can knock out an opponent.


Players in Axie Infinity pit their Axies against other players in three-on-three fights, employing numerous tactics and strategies to place their Axie on the board. The Axie’s Ability Cards are at the heart of the game, determining the offensive maneuvers Axies can use to drain the health of their opponents. Because each Axie’s body configuration and class are different, each Ability Card is unique to them.

The best method to level up Axies and acquire Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion is to compete in arena battles and tournaments (SLP). Players can, however, choose a more adventure-oriented approach to their game. Players acquire more tokens and unique treasures by exploring the Axie Infinity environment and facing the in-game non-player combatants known as Chimera. These tokens and riches may be utilized to advance their characters.

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Axies, like their real-life counterparts, may produce children with their own distinct qualities and skills. Axies may reproduce up to seven times, each time requiring more SLP.

New Axie progeny can be utilized for fight, continued mating with other partners, or sold in the Axie Infinity Marketplace after five days of development.


Players in Axie Infinity are not limited to merely collecting and trading creatures. It also enables users to acquire Lunacias, which are land pieces that serve as homes for Axies. The Lunacia software development kit will also allow developers to construct unique games inside these plots.

Players will be able to improve plots over time by collecting resources and crafting materials while on in-game adventures.