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August 19, 2022

AMP Crypto Price Prediction 08/19

Our AMP price forecast is now bearish since the price has not yet generated a reversal signal. The price of AMP crypto seems to lag behind the recent market rebound. While the majority of cryptocurrencies are up more than 50 percent from their June lows, AMP is still trading around its low.

In June 2021, AMP coin reached its all-time high of $0.12. Currently, the price is 92.8% below its all-time high, and the downward trend is far from done. Numerous cryptocurrencies look to be headed towards a retest of their 200-day moving averages, although AMP has yet to overcome the negative market structure.

At the time of this writing, the price of AMP is $0.0087. The price increased by 4.68 percent since yesterday. There seems to be a significant demand zone immediately below the $0.008 level, since the price has often rebounded from this level.

According to the most recent AMP news, Binance US will delist the cryptocurrency on August 15. The move was made when the SEC deemed Flexa App’s native asset to be secure. The SEC’s purview covered eight more crypto assets. However, you may still purchase or sell AMP by registering on Binance.com, a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange.

A peek at the AMP USD price chart reveals that the bears have dominated the market since the beginning of the year. To prevent a further gloomy view, prices must retake the $0.0155 level, which is 45% higher than present levels. Even before this level, the price must break through the psychologically significant $0.01 zone.

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If the bulls are unable to breach the downward trendline in the near future, the AMP price forecast will turn very pessimistic. In this case, the price might go below the existing support level of $0.008. This would make a price goal of $0.04 possible. Therefore, it is essential to set a stop loss if your position is overleveraged.