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January 11, 2022

Algorand Launches A Crypto Research Program With Italian University

Algorand Foundation, a popular blockchain project, has announced a collaboration with Università Bocconi to launch the Algorand Fintech Lab, a research program that will focus on a variety of crypto-related themes.

The three-year relationship, announced yesterday by Algorand, is part of the Algorand Global University Program, which requires participating schools to submit technical research activities as well as promote the decentralized Algorand platform.

In the following three years, the Università Bocconi will be able to develop and operate the research facility thanks to the agreement. Professor Claudio Tebaldi will direct the facility, which will be housed in the Bocconi Baffi-Carefin Research Center.

Hugo Krawczyk, chief researcher at Algorand Foundation, commented on the move, saying that some of the research lab’s operations will include holding seminars, accepting papers from interested parties, and creating crucial data sets.

“We’re excited to support Università Bocconi in setting up the Algorand Fintech Lab, which has the mission of developing and disseminating knowledge in the area of fintech technologies, with a focus on the crucial challenges in the crypto-finance area while promoting blockchain literacy and social innovation.”

Notably, the lab’s initial focus will be on the potential of four previous crypto-related research investigations conducted by various Bocconi organizations.

Cryptocurrencies and financial markets, the impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on monetary systems, decentralized finance (DeFi) and fintech, and societal usage of blockchain are the four primary topics of research the lab aims to begin with.

The new lab will focus on a cutting-edge problem integrating data science and finance, with consequences for financial institutions’ monetary policy, according to Professor Bruno Busacca, Dean for Fundraising and Alumni Engagement.

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