06 May 2023

Former Coinbase CTO Loses $1 Million Bitcoin Bet

Balaji Srinivasan, former chief technical officer of Coinbase, has won the bet he made in March that the price of Bitcoin will hit $1 million over the next 90 days. However, he continues to warn the


01 Apr 2023

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer from Coinbase to Phantom Wallet

In recent years, there has been a rise in interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are currently the two most widely used cryptocurrencies. Users are able to buy and se


28 Feb 2023

NFT Marketplace Wars See Royalties Evaporate-Can Coinbase Attract Them?

As a result of the competition for market share among the various NFT marketplaces, royalties that were previously given to creators have vanished. As a consequence of this, NFT creators are shiftin


19 Feb 2023

Coinbase Spent $21M on Lobbying Last Year.

In 2022, bitcoin corporations spent a record $21.55 million lobbying in Washington, with the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, leading the list of spenders. According to an examination o


14 Feb 2023

Best Tips On How to Connect Coinbase Wallet to Shibaswap

Cryptocurrency has been an area of interest for many investors over the past few years. The rising popularity of digital currency has led to multiple decentralized exchanges that offer users the abi


17 Jan 2023

Rocket Pool and Coinbase Partnership Could Outpace Lido?

Coinbase Ventures works with Rocket Pool, the third largest Ethereum liquid staking protocol by trade value locked (TVL). Coinbase Ventures will join Rocket Pool's Oracle DAO, according to a message


05 Oct 2022

Coinbase Users Can’t Withdraw From/To U.S. Bank Accounts

On Sunday, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase encountered a problem. It prevented it from processing transactions originating from user accounts that were located in the United States. The firm


18 Sep 2022

SEC and Coinbase Debacle Gets Heated

Coinbase said on September 8 that it will fund a lawsuit against the United States Treasury Department. The cryptocurrency exchange is sponsoring a lawsuit initiated by six individuals challenging T


04 Aug 2022

Blackrock Partners With Coinbase To Offer Crypto Services

According to a blog post published on Thursday, the world's biggest asset manager, BlackRock, has teamed with the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to provide crypto services to institution


25 Jul 2022

JP Morgan Says Coinbase Shareholders Might Be At Risk

Following the recent exposure of a bitcoin insider trading tipping operation, another piece of unfavorable news may be on the way for Coinbase stockholders. Coinbase has been in the headlines fo


22 Jul 2022

Former Coinbase manager accused of insider trading

Ex-Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi, his brother Nikhil Wahi and a friend Sameer Ramani have been indicted by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). On the basis of an alleged plot to engage in cryp


21 Jul 2022

SEC: Coinbase Is Listing Assets That Are Securities

At least nine of the digital assets that are listed on the cryptocurrency exchange known as Coinbase are allegedly unregistered securities, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


19 Jul 2022

Reddit users raise concerns about Coinbase

In light of growing reports that Coinbase may go bankrupt, the crypto exchange has come under assault by Reddit users. Withdrawals and transfers not functioning, Coinbase being guaranteed by the


19 Jul 2022

Coinbase has been granted a license to operate in Italy

In a statement released Monday, Coinbase said it has gained a regulatory license to operate as a crypto service provider in Italy. In a statement, the US-based crypto trading platform said the licen


18 Jul 2022

Coinbase Prominence Soars Amidst Everything

For centralized exchanges (CEXs), Coinbase looks to be suffering most from Crypto Winter. Cryptocurrency investors and traders may no longer be using the biggest American cryptocurrency exchange by


17 Jul 2022

What’s Going On With Coinbase

Coinbase, the biggest crypto exchange located in the United States, seems to be having issues, although it is not yet apparent whether this implies the firm is bankrupt, as reports have been circula


14 Jun 2022

Coinbase Will Lay Off 1,100 Employees

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, revealed on June 13 that the business was cutting its employment by 18 percent, which amounts to around 1,100 people, according to the Wall Street Journal. Earli


27 May 2022

Coinbase officials earned more than $1 billion selling stock

According to a story that was just published by the Wall Street Journal, four of the most senior executives of Coinbase have collectively gained more than one billion dollars by selling their shares


14 May 2022

Coinbase’s stock has dropped to an all-time low

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has had an extremely difficult week with the release of a poor first-quarter financial report that featured a contentious disclosu


20 Apr 2022

NFT Marketplace Beta Introduced by Coinbase

Coinbase, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Wednesday that it has launched a test version of its much-anticipated NFT trading platform. Trading on the site will be lim


18 Mar 2022

Analysts at Coinbase predict $1.2 billion in revenue from NFT business

Needham equity analyst for Coinbase, John Todaro, outlined a bullish case for the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in a research note to clients on Thursday. According to Benzinga, if Coinbase's


18 Mar 2022

Coinbase is being sued in a class action lawsuit again

Three people who purchased cryptocurrency through Coinbase filed a proposed class action in the Southern District Court of New York on March 11 alleging that Coinbase is an unregistered securities e


16 Mar 2022

Coinbase’s Chrome browser extension allows users to fund their wallets

Coinbase launched a new feature called "Coinbase Pay" on Wednesday, allowing users to fund their Coinbase Wallets directly from a Chrome browser extension. Coinbase Pay intends to make it simple for


07 Mar 2022

Coinbase: “Crypto Tech Could Aid Sanctions Compliance”

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has advocated using bitcoins to help assure compliance with economic sanctions. This proposal is based on the ease with which existing


05 Mar 2022

Coinbase Will Not Be Stopping Russians From Using Crypto Services

The major American cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has stated that it will not block all Russian users' accounts on its site. On Friday, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong stated that many Russians


27 Feb 2022

Coinbase Has Earned Nearly $7 Billion This Year in Transaction Revenue

Coinbase released its fourth-quarter 2021 report, which revealed that the company generated total transaction revenue of $6.8 billion in the year in question, up 523.73 percent from the $1.09 billio


12 Feb 2022

Coinbase Removes “How to Buy” Links From Website

According to Reuters, popular crypto exchange, Coinbase has removed access to "how to buy" instructions for three cryptocurrency projects from its website. The tokens – DeFi100, Mercenary, and SQ


27 Jan 2022

Coinbase Reveals it Has Plans Beyond Cryptocurrency

Because its platform is frequently people's first engagement with the crypto market, Coinbase has become synonymous with cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency trading is only the beginning of Coin


19 Jan 2022

Mastercard and Coinbase Strike A Deal TO Accept Crypto Payments

Mastercard and Coinbase have partnered to facilitate card payments on Coinbase's future NFT marketplace. This implies you won't have to buy cryptocurrency first and will be able to buy an NFT with f


11 Jan 2022

Cardano Gets A Glitch On Coinbase

Many Cardano users were unable to transfer or receive $ADA four days ago due to a technical fault detected on the Coinbase exchange. Many users have been left sad and full of complaints as a result


02 Dec 2021


The aggrieved ex-customers of the cryptocurrency exchange platform are displaying their anger towards the hacking that happened to their accounts not long ago. The customers have filed a class actio


02 Dec 2021


CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, recently revealed his feelings towards the number of regulators in th U.S. hinting that they are simply just too many. The crypto exchange company went into a me


13 Oct 2021

Coinbase Has Launched Its NFT Marketplace

As part of its mission to boost global economic freedom, San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase announced today that it will be launching its non-fungible token (NFTs) marketplace, dubbed Coinbase NF


14 Oct 2021

Musicans Can Now Earn Crypto

American music distributor UnitedMasters on Tuesday announced its partnership with the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, to allow artists to accept crypto payments for the content they crea


23 Sep 2021

Coinbase To Propose Crypto Regulations To US Officials

Coinbase plans to publicly roll out a pitch on a proposed regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies to federal officials in the coming days, according to a report.  The crypto exchange plans


21 Sep 2021

One River Digital Make Millions From Coinbase

Greenwich-based asset manager One River Digital has completed a Series A funding round that saw it raise $41 million from new investors, including notable cryptocurrency and traditional financial fi


20 Sep 2021

Coinbase No Longer Launching Its Crypto Lending Product

Coinbase announced today that it will not be launching the USDC APY product as previously planned. The program, which is proposed to help customers earn interest on USD Coin (USDC), with rates great


17 Sep 2021

Coinbase CEO Donates Money To Fight Aging

Brian Armstrong, CEO of popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has disclosed that he and other crypto enthusiasts have made significant donations toward research to prolong life. Armstrong, wh


30 Aug 2021

Coinbase Slammed By Its Users For Its Customer Service

Coinbase consumers around the country are raged towards the Coinbase platform, and the company was discovered to have hundreds of customer complaints. The interviews and complaints indicated a pa

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