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May 29, 2022

Zilliqa provides Unity SDK for Metapolis developers

Valentin Cobelea, Zilliqa’s Head of Gaming Technology, is pushing the development of Zilliqia SDKs to link game creators to the web3.

The Zilliqa blockchain will be connected to Unity 3D developers through a UnitySDK for the first time. “Frictionless gaming environment for the Web3 world” is the stated goal of Zilliqa.

As part of its Metapolis platform, Zilliqa has revealed that it would support Unity, Unreal Engine and the Nvidia Omniverse virtual reality technology. Many prominent games are based on Unity include Among Us, Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, and Fall Guys.

An SDK for Unity 3D has been announced, demonstrating a commitment to bringing game developers on board with web3. Software Developer Kits (SDKs) are a collection of tools that may be used to speed up the development process.

This is the first of several Zilliqa SDKs that will be released. Metapolis and Zilliqa want to create a series of SDKs to provide the groundwork for a larger gaming environment that can be integrated into each other.

The purpose of the SDK extends beyond onboarding new developers to the Zilliqa ecosystem by “allowing games established on other blockchains to seamlessly interface with our network.”

With more than two decades of expertise in AAA game production companies, Zilliqa’s “gaming powerhouse” is directed by Cobelea, a “veteran of industry.” As a whole, the group’s goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of web3 gaming.

The current state of the Unity 3D SDK may be seen on GitHub. Version 2.1 of the software now incorporates NFT functionality. Zilliqa looks committed to making improvements to its service.. With the addition of additional top-level and senior people with considerable knowledge in Unity3D internals and blockchain themes, we expect more functionality to be introduced in the future.”

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The Zilliqa SDK provides a wide range of resources for developers, including example code, scenes, prefabs, scripts, and other materials. To help developers become more proficient in the ecosystem, the SDK includes extensive documentation.

Web3 gaming differs from conventional gaming in that it relies on a blockchain connection to validate in-game purchases. If these transactions cannot keep up with the game engine’s pace, it will have an effect on the game’s performance.

Web3 gaming experiences have been hindered by the delay between user input and blockchain transaction completion. With sharding, Zilliqa can handle up to 2,500 transactions per second, making it a strong contender for metaverse web3 access.