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James Carter

31 Jan 2023

Sorare and Premier League (EPL) Join Forces for Ethereum Digital Cards

This partnership between Sorare and the English Premier League will allow Sorare to issue digital player cards for its popular fantasy sports platform, which is based on Ethereum.

A deal between the English Premier League and the blockchain-powered fantasy sports company Sorare has been finalized, and the company will mint Ethereum-based digital player cards on its platform.

Fans have the ability to mint, collect, and trade various player cards with other users across a variety of nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces thanks to Sorare, which has driven a compelling use case for Ethereum-based fantasy sports and digital card trading over the past few years. Sorare offers this functionality to fans through its Sorare platform.

Cointelegraph reached out to Sorare to clarify the specifics of their most recent deal, which puts the Premier League at the fans’ fingertips. A spokesperson for Sorare stated that discussions between the league and the company had been going on for a considerable amount of time, despite the fact that the partnership was only officially announced on January 30.

In 2019, Sorare began to make moves within the Premier League network by signing West Ham United as its first English club as a partner of its platform. This was Sorare’s first partnership with an English club. According to information obtained by Cointelegraph, the League and Sorare have reached an agreement on cooperation that will last for four years. The financial terms of the partnership will not be disclosed due to contractual obligations.

A spokesperson for the company also broke down the structure of the deal, explaining that Sorare would make an initial downpayment to the league in exchange for licensing rights. From there, a percentage of the revenue generated from the sale of digital cards is distributed between Sorare and the Premier League.

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On the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare creates digital trading cards of Premier League players and distributes them. Fans are able to collect, trade, and use the platform’s NFT player cards to participate in the platform’s free-to-play fantasy sports league. The platform has long since used the ERC-721 token standard for its player cards.

Before the Premier League digital cards are made available for trading on compatible marketplaces like OpenSea, they will first be made available for purchase on Sorare. The platform for fantasy sports remains an advocate for utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate connections between fans, players, and organizations:

“This underlying technology is the means, not the ends, to connecting users with their favorite clubs, and we welcome it powering the next generation of sports fandom and entertainment,” said Sorare. “For Sorare, this underlying technology is the means, not the ends, to connecting users with their favorite clubs.”

In recent years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which include digital trading cards and highlights from a variety of sporting events, have emerged as popular collectibles. The world of football has continued to see synergies with blockchain-based platforms, while in 2021, the NBA Top Shots app saw an explosion in its user base and popularity.