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James Carter

23 Feb 2023

Kingdomverse Taps ImmutableX to Launch World’s First Mobile Gaming Metaverse

The project will include a wide variety of Web3 mobile games that are easy to access and play, and they will be supported by an innovative scaling solution developed by ImmutableX and a powerful security system developed by Ethereum.

Sydney — Today, Kingdomverse, the first Mobile Gaming Metaverse (MGM) on the market, has announced plans to debut on ImmutableX, the preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum. This news was made public earlier today.

“The goal of making Web3 gaming more inclusive, accessible, and fair coincides nicely with our own basic beliefs,” stated Andrew Sorokovsky, Vice President of Global Business Development at Immutable. “Kingdomverse’s objective is to make Web3 gaming more inclusive, accessible, and fair” “Kingdomverse will be able to fully achieve its vision and continue focusing on what counts, such as user-friendliness and engaging gameplay,” when combined with Immutable’s cutting-edge scaling frameworks and solutions.

Kingdomverse is an MGM that includes a variety of mobile games that are linked together by a dynamic open-world mobile metaverse, non-fungible currencies, and crypto tokens. The platform acts as a gamified social hub for mobile players, allowing them to interact with one another, establish guilds, construct their kingdoms, and even engage in combat and take control of other territories. In the end, the purpose of the project is to make Web3 gaming accessible to a wider audience through the creation of casual mobile games that mix engaging gameplay with user-friendly experiences.

Defend the Kingdom, one of Kingdomverse’s initial games, is a casual PvP Tower Defense game in which players can unlock heroes to fight waves of foes and climb to the top of the leaderboard in both PvP and co-op game modes. Heroes are non-playable characters in a game that are represented by NFTs and have the ability to be traded, enhanced, or combined to create more powerful versions of themselves.

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The team is working on creating a dynamic mobile game ecosystem for the general public using Kingdomverse. This ecosystem will be based on the key ideals of having fun, being user-friendly, and having digital ownership. Using ImmutableX will be of tremendous assistance in accomplishing all of these objectives, as well as others.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with ImmutableX, which will enhance the gaming experience by using Web3 technologies, such as NFTs. ImmutableX provides near-instant transactions with no gas fees for minting and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to the CEO of Kingdomverse, Terence Chow, this agreement will ensure that our players may onboard into the Web3 space without any problem. This agreement allows us to focus on what we do best, which is producing games. Kingdomverse and Immutable have the same goals and synergies in onboarding ‘traditional’/Web2.0 gamers into the Web3.0 gaming sector.

IMXPR030 – Kingdomverse 

ImmutableX is the blockchain framework of choice for Web3 game developers, and it gives builders and gamers alike access to gas-free NFT minting, cost-effective and lightning-fast transactions, and the inherent security and decentralization of Ethereum. ImmutableX is the preferred blockchain framework for Web3 game developers. As a result of the cooperation, Kingdomverse will be able to work together with developers of other Web3 games on the ImmutableX platform and continue to expand its player base.

The first Open Beta testing phase of Kingdomverse is slated to begin in the month of March. During this phase, players will be introduced to ten new heroes, a Guild System, a League System Test Run, a DTK Companion Website, and $KING tokens for use in the game. The second Open Beta test will begin sometime between the second and third quarters of the current fiscal year. This test will introduce Coupon Mining, an in-game Event, Friend and Social systems, as well as a large number of new heroes, legends, and cosmetic assets.