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James Carter

08 Feb 2023

Key Bitcoin Catalysts Boost Trader Conviction

On Wednesday, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies went up. After a huge rally to start the year, cryptocurrencies are mostly stuck in a narrow range. However, key catalysts are on the horizon, and at least one sign shows that traders are more confident than ever.

The price of Bitcoin has increased by 1% over the past twenty-four hours, bringing it to within striking distance of $23,200, which is approximately where it has been for the majority of the past few weeks. The value of the most valuable digital asset has increased by around forty percent since the beginning of the year. After the cryptocurrency exchange, FTX went out of business in November. The price has gone back up from around its lowest point in over two years to near its highest point since the summer of 2017.

“Bitcoin was able to recover from the bottom of the range it has been in for the past two weeks, but it still can’t decide which way to go,” said Yuya Hasegawa, an analyst at the cryptocurrency exchange Bitbank. “Next week’s CPI report is likely to be the next big event, but there are still several speeches by Fed members this week, and the market should also stay cautious.”

In fact, the influence of macroeconomic issues could be the single most crucial element for cryptocurrency values. This year’s increase in the value of digital assets has occurred concurrently with a similar increase in the value of the stock market. All of them, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500, have benefited from an increased willingness to take risks on the part of investors.

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Investors are hopeful that inflation, which has been high for decades, is starting to go down. This should allow the Federal Reserve, whose interest rate hikes to fight inflation were a major drag on risky assets last year, to ease up on its aggressive monetary policy. The latest thing to make people feel better about taking risks was a speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that was seen as dovish. In the next few days, more Fed officials will be speaking. Next week, we will get important data on inflation from the consumer price index.

After big gains at the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency market is mostly on hold. Investors will be looking for reasons to keep the rally going. The fact that crypto holders seem to be more determined than ever is a good sign. These people are called “HODLers,” which stands for “Hold On for Dear Life.”

Reserve Risk for Bitcoin recently fell to its lowest level ever (lower than the 2019 or 2020 low),” analysts at crypto exchange Bitfinex wrote in a report this week. “This shows that the HODLer conviction is close to record highs.”

“Reserve Risk is a long-term cyclical oscillator that simulates the ratio between the current price and the confidence of long-term investors,” noted the Bitfinex experts. “The current market is the reason to sell, and the conviction in the ratio is a set of sub-metrics that look at what you’d miss out on if you didn’t sell.” “The lower the conviction ratio, the more certain investors are.”

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That isn’t a bad sign, but investors would be smart to be careful. Even though the crypto market has done well so far in 2023, there are still many signs that a new bubble is forming. Weak fundamental and technical conditions suggest that the recent rally was mostly built on sand.

Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, went up by 2% to $1,675. Smaller cryptocurrencies, called “altcoins,” like Cardano and Polygon, were also on the rise. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which are both meme coins, both went up by less than 1%.