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James Carter

06 Feb 2023

Dacxi.com rebranded as Wealth99

The Dacxi Group has announced a significant rebranding initiative and has separated into two separate brands: Wealth99 and Dacxi Chain.

London, UK, the date of February 2, 2023. Wealth99 is the new brand identity and platform name for the industry-leading digital wealth platform, which was formerly known as Dacxi.com.

On February 1, 2023, the website Dacxi.com underwent an official rebranding to become Wealth99.com. According to Ian Lowe, CEO of the Dacxi Group, the new brand name of the global fintech company is a representation of the organization’s main purpose. “It encapsulates what it is that we do.” “But perhaps of much more significance is the question of who we do it for,” he argues. “By making it simple for the 99% of the population to get their hands on high-performing alternative assets, we are democratizing wealth.”

This rebranding also draws a strategic line in the sand, signalling the Dacxi Group’s progression beyond a world-class digital asset wealth management platform and into worldwide pioneers in blockchain technology and tokenization.

Dacxi was one of the first people to recognize the potential game-changing effects of blockchain technology. By 2017, the company had already begun developing a blockchain-based solution to the early-stage funding crisis that had been plaguing the industry. This ground-breaking endeavour, which came to be known as the Dacxi Chain, emerged almost immediately as a global game-changer and a whole new division of the company.

According to Lowe, “As the Dacxi Chain came to life, we came to a realization.”The Dacxi had split into two completely separate entities. Through our wealth management platform, we make it simple for regular investors to gain access to alternative digital assets. And the Dacxi Chain, which is the very first tokenized crowdfunding network to operate on a worldwide scale.

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The company made the daring move to break the established Dacxi moniker into two different brands in order to remain true to its dedication to clarity and simplicity. Each with its own individualized designation and brand name.

The company’s leadership team has reassured investors of Dacxi Coin that the use case for the cryptocurrency, as well as the tremendous market opportunity, will not alter despite the adjustments that have been made. According to Lowe, “Dacxi Coin will permit frictionless cross-border investments amongst crowdfunding platforms all over the world as the native cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain.” Because of this, we have every reason to believe that Dacxi Coin has the potential to become one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the world.

When it comes to Wealth99, the redesigned platform has, of course, preserved all of the essential features that its loyal users have come to know and appreciate over the years. Lowe is quoted as saying, “Our brand is changing, and our company is growing every day. However, Wealth99 is still run by the same group of people with the same level of experience and commitment and, most importantly, the same unwavering commitment to our client’s satisfaction, success, and support.

About Wealth99

The manner in which people invest is democratized and revolutionized by Wealth99, which is an all-inclusive digital investment platform. We are industry leaders and pioneers in digital and tokenized assets, which means that we develop alternative investments that are reliable and easy to access with the goal of assisting 99% of people in investing in the types of financial opportunities that were formerly only available to the financial elite. And we’re doing it by utilizing blockchain technology, a game-changing innovation that will improve people’s lives and give them more agency all across the world.