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June 30, 2022

Cryptoqueen Has Been Added to FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List

When the term “Cryptoqueen” was conferred upon Ruja Ignatova in a true-crime podcast in 2019, it was done so with a great deal less affection than usual.

Ignatova is credited with inventing the so-called cryptocurrency OneCoin, which later turned out to be a fraudulent Ponzi scam.

Since 2014, her OneCoin Ltd. is said to have scammed more than 3 million investors out of a total of over $4 billion, according to law authorities.

A number of allegations have been made against her business, including that it attempted to bribe the presidents of Serbia and Bulgaria.

Ignatova may now add “Most Wanted” to her list of titles courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States.

The FBI put her on its top-ten list on Thursday and is offering a reward of up to one hundred thousand dollars for information that leads to her apprehension.

According to the FBI, Ignatova was last seen in Athens. This information comes from their investigation. This occurred in the year 2017

Ignatova was once included on the list of most sought individuals maintained by Europol; however, she is no longer on that list.

Ignatova is a German native who received her doctorate in economics and grew up in Germany. The ethnic Bulgarian was at the height of her popularity at the time when she was recognized for her sophisticated style and extravagant parties.

Even though there were already widespread rumors and suspicions about her actions at the time, she was nevertheless able to draw a gathering of more than 3,000 people to Wembley Arena in London in 2016 to listen to her speak.

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Since that time, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against OneCoin, and her brother and other colleagues have been hauled to court for their involvement. The dramatic nature of the case has garnered attention from across the globe.

It has been said that Kate Winslet would have a role in a movie that is based on the experiences of a OneCoin investor. According to Variety, an agreement has been reached on a three-part documentary on Ignatova as well.