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November 29, 2021

Blockchain Gaming Platform Rebooted

In the current gaming world, distrust is a common feature between enthusiasts and in-game assets. The gaming economy continues to grow even faster. However, players have had challenges verifying the scarcity of assets and sometimes actual ownership thereof. Additional issues include those that arise regarding the technologies being set up and remote monitoring of secure systems.

Blockchain has enabled many industries a level of accountability that previously simply was not there. Of course, this is just of the technology’s advantages. Blockchain processes transactions that are incorruptible between strangers online. This particular feature can allow non-biased for all gamers through the scarcity of in-game assets. These assets can include nonfungible tokens with actual amounts and changes disclosed upon receipt.

Night Life Crypto

One such gaming platform that manages to do this is Night Life Crypto. Night Life Crypto is a new startup. It has a game called Night Life Drifting that is a racing game in nature. The game is action arcade style. The game boasts integration with crypto for play-to-earn functionality, Nlife tokens, and playable nonfungible tokens. All this allows its gamers to earn in-game assets on the MATIC (Polygon network).

The opportunity that Night Life offers through its gaming services allows users stiff security, user data protection, and usability, and zero transaction fees whilst in the game. The platform handles this engineering and the upcoming release of its main pilot game. Members of the team are calling it a complete game including lore and backstories that could even become a novel.

What does Night Life Crypto Gaming Offer

Commentators say the game offers very fun gameplay and an excellent quality graphical user interface. Users also have multiple ways in which they can earn NLIFE. Interestingly enough, there is also one way in which users can earn without even playing the game itself. The team of Night Life Crypto says that this particular feature is brand new to the crypto gaming industry. Users can use in-game assets themselves, trade them or sell them in the marketplace.

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The partnership between Night Life Crypto and Polygon will showcase a new car called the Matic GT. Interestingly enough, the vehicle is also a nonfungible token that gamers can take for a spin in the game itself. The setting for the races are a Tokyo-like city. Users get to race in 5 districts and numerous sub-districts. Each of these can be bought as NFTs by projects. Companies can also purchase advertisements in their brand. Advertisements can also be purchased on billboards that are around the city.

The Matic GT

The car NFT is released in agreement with the Night Life Crypto partnership. It has a unique front, a spoiler, rear bumper, paint, rims, and license plate NFT that are available for gamers to buy. A number of these selections will be made into a one-time design. This series is will have a gold color paint for the Matic GT in limited edition. The limited gold paint for Matic GT will have a mint limit of 3. As of now, Night Life Crypto is burning 20% of the NFT series weekly. This is as they raise prices by 20% as part of their EVP (Economic Value Program).

Additional Features of Night Life Crypto

The platform will provide means to aid the loyal community of the NLife community. These include NLife being made available on Polygon network. Gamers will also be able to use a bridging service designed by NLife.


The plans that Night Life Crypto has unveiled, including their partnerships can position the startup as one of the world’s leading blockchain gaming platforms.