01 Jun 2022

Nigeria to create an IP exchange marketplace and wallet on Algorand

The Nigeria government has signed a three-year exclusive IPR deal with Developing Africa Group to build a national wallet that would enable worldwide commercialization of any IP forms generated and


16 May 2022

Nigeria has issued new crypto rules to increase adoption

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria has issued new laws for the issuing and usage of digital assets in the nation, including cryptocurrencies. In April 2021, Coinfomania reported


20 Apr 2022

Nigeria’s SiBAN Against Unlawful Crypto Stance in the Country

The Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), a group formed in 2018 to encourage blockchain adoption in Nigeria, has contacted public institutions to express their dissa


21 Apr 2022

35% of Adults in Nigeria Bought Crypto in the Past Six Months

According to a new poll performed by prominent cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, more than one-third of Nigeria adults presently own or have traded cryptocurrencies in the last six months. Accordin


08 Apr 2022

Local Banks in Nigeria penalized for allowing crypto payments

According to Bloomberg, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has levied financial fines on four commercial banks in the country for supporting crypto-related transactions. Access Bank Plc, Stanbic I


28 Jan 2022

Nigerians Taking Advantage of Decentralized Loans

Global climate change is continuing to test the world's productivity, and it has already had a negative influence on Nigerians ability to maintain a minimum level of sustainable products production,


11 Dec 2021

Nigeria Top Minister Urges the Government to Embrace Crypto

The crypto industry and the Nigerian government aren't exactly best friends as the officials have been strict with their views on the digital assets industry. It is famously known that Nigeria, the


19 Sep 2021

Where To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria Right Now

One significant interception of Bitcoin gaining mainstream adoption is the sour relationship between cryptocurrency and central banks. Many governmental authorities believe that the cons of holdi


17 Sep 2021

Nigeria is the Sixth in Global Crypto Adoption

During the 2021 Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index report on Tuesday, Nigeria was named the sixth country in the world adopting to crypto at the moment. This comes in despite the central bank


13 Sep 2021

Nigeria’s Chimezei Chuta Is Convinced That Crypto Industry Is Uncertain

Chimezei Chuta, the Founder and Coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria's User Group (BNUG) claims that the state of the cryptocurrency market is still uncertain. He believes so because the industry is st


11 Sep 2021

Crypto Excelling In Nigeria Amidst Central Bank Ban

Cryptocurrency being a big deal in Nigeria is not a breaking news. Nigeria is one of the leading countries adopting crypto at the moment. Almost half the country have properties in crypto. The peopl


03 Sep 2021

Nigeria’s SEC Develops a Fintech Unit to Study Crypto

Nigeria's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has set up a Fintech unit to study crypto products and investments in order to help institute protocols that will assist in regulating the sector.

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