20 May 2023

VeChain vs Cardano: A Comprehensive Comparison of Blockchain Technologies

In other words Blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries, providing secure and transparent solutions for diverse applications. VeChain and Cardano are two prominent blockchain plat


18 May 2023

Algorand vs Cardano: A Comprehensive Comparison of Leading Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain technology has revolutionized numerous industries by providing secure, decentralized, and transparent solutions. As blockchain continues to evolve, scalability, security, and decentraliza


07 May 2023

A Comprehensive Comparison: Cardano vs Solana

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have revolutionized various industries, offering decentralized solutions with advanced features and scalability. In this article, I will conduct a detailed


24 Apr 2023

DigiToads presale races past the $1.55M mark as Cardano and Avalanche

In the world of cryptocurrencies, which is always changing, new and interesting projects keep coming up. DigiToads is one of these projects. It is a deflationary meme coin that focuses on play-to-ea


03 Mar 2023

Cardano ISPO Projects: What Are They and What Do They Mean for the Future?

The Cardano ecosystem has made significant strides in providing a decentralized, secure, and sustainable blockchain network that is designed to be flexible and scalable. One of the innovative concep


26 Sep 2022

A Dive Into Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork

The much-anticipated Vasil update for Cardano was eventually made available to users on September 22. This came after a number of difficulties and more delays. From the outside looking in, the h


04 Sep 2022

ADA Surpasses XRP As Vasil Hard Fork Approaches

Cardano has confirmed exceptional performance over the last week, which comes as the announcement of the date for the Vasil update draws closer. According to statistics provided by CoinMarketCap, Ca


28 Aug 2022

Hoskinson On Date Of Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade

The Cardano Vasil hard fork is now in transit. On Friday, Charles Hoskinson, CEO and creator of IOG, the company that is responsible for Cardano, disclosed when the long-delayed Vasil hard fork is a


07 Aug 2022

Cardano (ADA) Market Update 08/07

The Cardano (ADA) market has been remarkable recently, with network activity hitting new heights and optimistic emotions remaining strong. A recent accumulation tendency seen among ADA addresses pos


27 Jul 2022

Cardano Comes Out As The Most Developed Crypto

According to Santiment, a business that specializes in crypto analytics, Cardano (ADA) retains its position as the most prominent blockchain with regard to the frequency of relevant activity on GitH


25 Jul 2022

BTC ADA XRP ETH Price Analysis 07/25

As traders adopted a risk-off attitude before the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision this week, BTC fell to as low as $21,400 on Monday during the Asian Market session after just staying over


24 Jun 2022

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson suggests crypto regulation reform

Founder and co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, has proposed a new approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and associated activities to the US House of Representatives. Software-based


21 Jun 2022

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis 06/21

Vasil hard fork implementation has been postponed by IOG, the company behind Cardano (ADA), to allow for more testing and problem fixes. Cardano's upgrading to the new "Basho" period has been pos


18 May 2022

Cardano New Research on the Blockchain

Cardano, a notable blockchain project, has published a new study paper on decentralized blockchain governance aspects. Aggelos Kiayias and Philip Lazos, blockchain experts at IOHK, blockchain res


17 May 2022

Whales Filling Up On Cardano (ADA) Sees Possible Huge Rally

Major cryptocurrencies failed to recover over the weekend after a brutal sell-off for the most of this week, adding around 8% to the entire market value. Cardano is moving different. A multitude


10 May 2022

Cardano (ADA) Market Forecast 05/10

Cardano ADA's price has been going downwards due to pessimistic emotions. Despite favorable improvements and strong fundamentals within the cryptocurrency's ecosystem, ADA has suffered huge losses o


03 May 2022

Cardano (ADA) Market Update 05/03

Cardano (ADA), the native token on the namesake blockchain, recently fell to a more than one-year low due to whale dumping and a larger crypto crisis. However, its reduced prices are drawing substan


28 Apr 2022

Cardano wallet addresses have reached 3.6 million

The Cardano blockchain is gaining traction, with 3.6 million wallets holding its native coin, according to on-chain data aggregator Messari. According to Messari, the majority of these network wa


16 Apr 2022

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 04/16

The price of Cardano is currently stabilizing near a short-term resistance zone. The price is bouncing around at a major resistance zone. If the price can hold, it will set off a tremendous upswing.


15 Apr 2022

Bitcoin Solana Terra Cardano Forecast 04/15

Cryptocurrencies have lost 3-5 percent of their value, wiping out the majority of the gains made since the beginning of the month. While Bitcoin was not the heaviest hit, the largest cryptocurrency


01 Apr 2022

Wave Financial Gets $100M Fund for Cardano DeFi Ecosystem

Wave Financial has established the Wave ADA Yield Fund to assist with the development of innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) projects on the Cardano network. Wave Financial Group is an SEC-re


25 Mar 2022

Cardano (ADA) Forecast 03/25

Cardano has been on a tear recently. The crypto has surpassed other major cryptocurrencies and is still on a strong upswing. Its popularity grew on Thursday as a result of Coinbase's addition of sta


19 Mar 2022

Uniswap, Solana, and Cardano networks are rapidly growing

Uniswap, Solana, and Cardano continue to be among the top-performing blockchain networks. Uniswap (UNI), an Ethereum-based decentralized network protocol, has dominated blockchain platforms with the


15 Feb 2022

Cardano (ADA) Added To Google’s ICC Rate System

Cardano's market value has received widespread recognition. Google has now included ADA to their currency converter. Users of the search tool can now convert ADA to a variety of fiat currencies incl


13 Feb 2022

Cardano Surpasses BTC and ETH in Transaction Volume

On Sunday, crypto data aggregator revealed that Cardano had surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of transaction volume, rising to first place (adjusted transaction volume in the last 2


22 Jan 2022

Cardano Beats Ethereum In Chain Activity and Transaction Volume

In terms of transaction volume, Cardano (ADA), the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network, continues to surpass Ethereum (ETH). According to data from Messari's most active chains dashboard


15 Jan 2022

Cardano Wins Against BTC and SOL as the Best Ethereum Alternative

Cardano has quickly become the most popular ETH alternative for transactions and savings among crypto enthusiasts all around the world. According to a Twitter poll conducted by Vitalik Buterin on


11 Jan 2022

Cardano Gets A Glitch On Coinbase

Many Cardano users were unable to transfer or receive $ADA four days ago due to a technical fault detected on the Coinbase exchange. Many users have been left sad and full of complaints as a result


03 Jan 2022

Cardano Starting The Year Off With Plans of Upgrading dApps

According to Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the blockchain development arm, Input-Output Global (IOG), Cardano would spend the next six to nine months of 2022 perfecting its decentralized apps (DApps) ec


28 Dec 2021

Cardano Founder Shares The Company’s Plans For 2022

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson presented a 30-minute Youtube video on Christmas Eve in which he reviewed some of Cardano's key successes in 2021 and highlighted some of the company's main ambitio


08 Feb 2022

Why All The Buzz For Cardano?

Cardano is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies at the moment as it is in top ten overall according to coinmarketcap. It was designed to be an evolution of the Ethereum, and many people think it inde


12 Jan 2023

Solana (SOL) vs. Cardano (ADA)

Many investors, especially beginners, have been wondering if they should invest and hold Solana or Cardano, considering the two projects have been making waves in the crypto industry in recent


10 Sep 2021

Cardano’s Ada Is the Latest Cryptocurrency to Surge

Cardano's (ADA) value hit a record level of $2.91 on Monday, raising expectations that the more extensive market rally along its forthcoming organization update could assist it with breaking the $3

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