19 Jun 2023

What is Metaverse Platform?: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Metaverse, a term popularized by science fiction, has emerged as an intriguing concept that captivates the imagination of technologists, gamers, and futurists alike. It represents a virtual univ


08 Apr 2023

Meta Token Presale: Early Cryptocurrency Investments

The world of crypto continues to evolve rapidly, with new projects and tokens entering the market regularly. One such project that has garnered significant attention is Meta Token, a cutting-edge cr


15 Mar 2023

Meta Discontinues NFTs on Facebook and Instagram-Here’s the Latest

Less than a year after the feature was initially implemented, senior representatives of Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, made the announcement that the company would be disabling


15 Dec 2022

What is a “metaverse game”?

In the early days of the internet, people used it to share pictures and videos. Then came blogs and articles. And finally, there was the metaverse game. What is the metaverse game, you ask? Simply p


25 Jul 2022

Ex Meta workers secure $150M for quicker blockchain

Acquired $150 million in investment to create cutting-edge solutions to enhance blockchain and web3 experience for developers, Aptos Labs said Monday. An exodus of former Meta workers formed the


06 Jul 2022

Meta NFT plans continue despite crypto program closure

Following the news that it will no longer be developing the Novi project, Meta provided clarification that its other cryptocurrency initiatives are progressing as expected. Since quite some time ago


20 Jun 2022

The Metaverse Digital Clothing Store has been launched by Meta

As part of its metaverse, Meta announced the opening of a digital clothes shop where users would be able to buy apparel for their meta-avatars. That clothing and other accessories will become a


20 Jan 2022

Meta Integrating NFTs into Instagram and Facebook Profile Photos

Meta, a multinational technology corporation, is apparently getting into nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by incorporating a function that allows users to display their NFTs on their Facebook and Instagram

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