Market analysis

Market analysis

25 Jan 2023

Why is the cryptocurrency market down today?

After the United States government began cracking down on Bitzlato and equities began to give back some of their gains from the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency market experienced a decline

Market analysis

15 Jan 2023

Bitcoin Takes a Break at $21k – Possibility of $30k by January’s End?

The price of bitcoin is continuing the week-long climb that has propelled it beyond $20,000 for the first time since early November. This rally is expected to continue. The target of $24,000 is with

Market analysis

06 Dec 2021

Best Ways to Analyze the Forex Markets

Forex analysis is the study of determining whether to buy, sell, or wait on trading a currency pair. Currencies trade in pairs, with the exchange rates based on the price of one currency relative to

Market analysis

26 Nov 2021

India Announces Crypto bill and Crypto prices Tank

Cryptocurrency prices on WazirX’s stock exchange in India plummeted after it was announced that it would ban all private cryptocurrencies. Panic selling ensued after regulatory discussions broke

Market analysis

05 Oct 2021

Is October Another Dull Month For Ether?

The last 30 days have no doubt been one of the most dreaded. Ether ended September with losses of more than 14% as it hit a high of $4,025 and a low of $2,650. The coin closed last month at $3,000.

Market analysis

21 Aug 2021

Bitcoin Is Hitting $50k Again!

Cryptocurrency prices continue to be green as Bitcoin manages to flip all skeptics and surge back, making it obvious that the leading altcoin is going to hit $50,000 again pretty soon. Many trade

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