crypto heist

crypto heist

03 Jul 2022

An $8.7 million DeFi Exploit was used to hack Crema Finance

In the early morning hours of Sunday, a security vulnerability was discovered in the Crema Finance protocol, which is used by the Solana network. The incident resulted in a loss of around $8.7 milli

crypto heist

25 May 2022

MonkeyPoxInu Creators Steal $400 Million

MonkeyPoxInu (MPOX) coin was introduced on May 21 and lost 99 percent of its value three days later on May 23. It was named after the recent return of the MonkeyPox virus. According to a tweet by

crypto heist

21 May 2022

The CFTC has accused two people of $44 million in crypto fraud

The United States Community Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has accused two US individuals, Sam Ikkurty and Ravishankar Avadhanam, of participating in a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme that defrauded

crypto heist

02 May 2022

DeFi Lending Platforms Lost Over $80M in the Recent Attack

DeFi exploits have been a recurrent issue this year, with roughly $1 billion lost in in the first quarter alone. BlockSec, a blockchain analytics and security firm, disclosed a new $80 million DeFi

crypto heist

22 Apr 2022

Binance retrieves back $5.8m in Axie Infnity stolen funds

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced the recovery of $5.8 million related to the recent hack of popular blockchain gaming project Axie Infinity. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) s

crypto heist

18 Apr 2022

Beanstalk ($BEAN) Hacked Over $180 Million

This weekend, a security flaw was discovered in Beanstalk, a decentralized credit-based stablecoin protocol built on the Ethereum network. According to PeckShield, a blockchain security firm, Beanst

crypto heist

14 Apr 2022

Hacking Group Lazarus Might Be Linked to Recent Axie Infinity Hack

The US Treasury Department has linked the renowned North Korean hacking outfit Lazarus to the theft of nearly $600 million from blockchain game business Axie Infinity last month. The Treasury Dep

crypto heist

09 Feb 2022

U.S. Justice Department Recovers $3.6 Billion From Bitfinex Hackers

The Department of Justice said on February 8 that Ilya Lichtenstein, 34, and his wife Heather Morgan, 31, both of New York, were detained for suspected conspiracy to launder $4.5 billion in stolen c

crypto heist

24 Aug 2021

$97 million Stolen From a Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hackers stole a $97 million worth of Ethereum and other altcoins from a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. The Tokyo-based firm called Liquid reported in a statement that it had detected unauthorized

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