26 Sep 2022

China Authorities Take Down Crypto Criminals

Local media in China stated on September 25 that the Public Security Bureau of Hengyang County had detained 93 individuals suspected of being engaged in the laundering of 40 billion RMB via the use


15 Sep 2022

Chinese recognizes Litecoin but not as legal currency

A Chinese court ruled that its citizens may continue to trade cryptocurrencies despite the country's prohibition on digital asset services. The Beijing Number One Intermediate People's Court has


09 Aug 2022

China Takes Down Crypto-Promoting Social Media Accounts

For promoting crypto this year, China has suspended more than 12,000 accounts on some social media sites, including Weibo and Baidu. The platforms also removed some 51,000 discussions about buying b


03 Aug 2022

Digital Yuan Loan Now Offered in China

The Agricultural Commerce Bank of Zhangjiagang, which is located in the province of Suzhou in China, made the announcement on Wednesday that it had issued a 500,000 digital yuan (e-CNY) loan with in


15 Jun 2022

How China Is Increasing the Adoption of the Digital Yuan

China has been putting a lot of effort into developing a digital currency for its citizens. With the goal of expanding the reach of e-CNY beyond retail sales, the country has made great strides.


06 May 2022

China Relationship With Crypto Takes a Dramatic Turn

A high court in Shangai, China largest city and a global financial center, has recognized Bitcoin as property under Chinese law, putting the government against its own anti-crypto stance. Accordi


23 Mar 2022

More On China Tussle With Bitcoin

China was famous for having the highest hash rates for Bitcoin mining, accounting for up to 60% of worldwide hash rates. The nation started a big crackdown in the summer of 2021, but a District cour


11 Mar 2022

Lawmakers Propose Legislations Imposing Penalties on China’s CBDC

Nine Republican lawmakers have endorsed legislation aimed at regulating US federal agencies' policies in response to worries that China's digital yuan could be used to bypass sanctions and compromis


11 Feb 2022

How China’s Metaverse Plan is Going

According to experts, China's Metaverse will evolve considerably differently than other international marketplaces, and decentralized infrastructure may not be part of the game plan. The Sino Met


24 Nov 2021

China’s Ban on CryptoCurrency

China has made international waves on its ban on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They have cracked down on some other technologies as well. Several companies have felt the repercussions.


19 Oct 2021 Disables Crypto Services in China

China's crypto crackdown has proven to have some major effects that is affecting businesses and individuals in the country. One of those effects is that major service providers in the country have c


13 Oct 2021

Binance Is Delisting Yuan From Its P2P Trading Platform

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has disclosed that it will cease trading the Chinese Yuan on its peer-to-peer platform. Per the announcement published on W


06 Oct 2021

The United States Doesn’t Support China’s Decision To Ban Bitcoin

Gary Gensler, chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stated during a conference with members of Congress that the commission has no plans to ban Bitcoin an


21 Sep 2021

Binance’s Rally Against China & Centralized Banks Propaganda

Binance exchange has had a controversial week. The Monetary Authority of  China’s Singapore province first red-flagged the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) a few days ago. Next, South Africa issued an a

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