bitcoin analysis

bitcoin analysis

15 Mar 2023

On-chain Indicators Scream Bitcoin Bull Market as the BTC Price Roars Back

Bitcoin's most recent upswing, which saw the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hit a new nine-month high on Tuesday in the mid-$26,000s, has been accompanied by a number of key

bitcoin analysis

14 Mar 2023

Breaking News: Bitcoin Records Dumped by Investors

According to the latest Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report from CoinShares, last week was the first time that more money left digital asset investment products than came in. The net outflows of

bitcoin analysis

02 Mar 2023

$264 million in bitcoin moved to Binance by unknown wallet

On February 28, a single transaction was completed that moved nearly $264 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) from an unknown wallet to the most successful cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance.

bitcoin analysis

25 Feb 2023

Breaking News: Bitcoin Price Dips On Hot US Inflation

Bitcoin was last trading in the low $23,000s, down more than 3% from the day before. BTC/USD fell back below its 21-day moving average for the first time in almost two weeks after a hotter-than-expe

bitcoin analysis

14 Dec 2022

Why is bitcoin falling so much?

What is bitcoin, and why is bitcoin falling so much? These are the two most commonly asked questions about bitcoin, and for good reason. Bitcoin is a digital asset and currency that uses blockchain

bitcoin analysis

01 Mar 2022

Bitcoin Price Analysis 03/01

The bulls were ecstatic to see Bitcoin break through $44,000 for the first time in more than ten days. The surge to the highlighted mark was rapid and occurred within the last 24 hours. The question

bitcoin analysis

11 Feb 2022

Bitcoin Analysis 02/11: Is the Largest Crypto Making A Retreat?

Bitcoin reached a high of $45,821 on February 10 before dropping. At $44,900, the high was set directly at the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level. The subsequent drop produced a shooting star

bitcoin analysis

05 Feb 2022

Bitcoin Analysis 02/05

Twitter is awash with traders chastising Bitcoin skeptics. Most people recall how many anticipated a $20k BTC, and the leading currency is now worth more over $40k. The Schiffs had one of the most i

bitcoin analysis

07 Jan 2022

Goldman Sachs’ Thoughts On Bitcoin Hitting $100k

Goldman Sachs, the world's largest investment bank, believes Bitcoin will bridge the gap between it and gold. If the digital asset reaches this, the bank expects that prices will approach six digits

bitcoin analysis

07 Jan 2022

Bitcoin Review: Is It A Good Time To Buy?

The Federal Reserve's recent announcement on January 6 about rising interest rates as soon as March is still having a significant impact on bitcoin prices. The flagship cryptocurrency is still tradi

bitcoin analysis

01 Jan 2022

Could Bitcoin Get to $200k This Year? Experts Think So

According to famous cryptocurrency analysts, Bitcoin's price might reach $200,000 this year. Bitcoin is recovering from its worst month since May, after setting a new high this year. Cryptocurrency

bitcoin analysis

05 Dec 2021

Bitcoin Drops Below $50,000

Bitcoin lost almost $20,000 from it's all-time high of above $69,000 just a few weeks ago, going as low as $49,482 today. The price drop has seen the king crypto drop 22% from November 10th. The dro

bitcoin analysis

06 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Hits $55k And More Than $280m Is Liquidated

Bulls are grinning hard as they see the most valued crypto increase in price. We saw a more than 9% increase in the last 24 hours. This increase in the price was responsible for Bitcoin hitting $55k

bitcoin analysis

01 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Hitting $44k As A New Month Begins

“It’s about time” many traders are thrilled that Bitcoin returned to $44,000 after more than four days of absence. The price mark attained by the king coin is especially one that many anticipated as

bitcoin analysis

07 Sep 2021

Bitcoin Mining is Disastrous For The Environment

While the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin and other cryptographic money have for quite some time been discussed, their effect on the environment has just barely started to be talked about.

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