04 Apr 2023

Arbitrum Price Prediction as $1 Billion ARB Proposal Goes Wrong

After an airdrop that got a lot of attention, the price of ARB, the new token in the Arbitrum ecosystem, shot up to an all-time high of $11.80 before dropping to $1.21, which is a 90% drop from the


27 Mar 2023

How to Add Arbitrum to Metamask: A Step-by-Step Guide

Metamask is a popular browser extension that allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) built on the Ethereum network. Arbitrum, on the other hand, is a Layer-2 scaling solutio


14 Mar 2023

Optimism vs Arbitrum: Which Layer 2 Solution is Right for Your Crypto Project?

Layer 2 scaling solutions have become increasingly important in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as they allow for faster and more efficient transactions while reducing the load on the main blockchain.


24 Feb 2023

Layer 2 of Ethereum is on Fire -What does that mean for the price of ETH?

Scaling up Ethereum's second layer, Arbitrum, is growing very quickly because it can do a lot more transactions per second by putting transactions together off-chain in groups called "roll-ups." On


13 Feb 2023

How to Connect Metamask to Arbitrum: A Comprehensive Guide

Metamask is a popular browser plugin that functions as an Ethereum wallet. It enables users to safely store, send, and receive digital assets and also operates as a wallet for other cryptocurrencies


16 Dec 2022

12 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Arbitrum Bridge?

Arbtrum Bridge is a cutting-edge software development company that specializes in blockchain technology. As the world moves towards a more digital future, companies of all sizes are seeking solution

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