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James Carter

16 Dec 2022

The Best McDonalds Meme of All Time

Sometimes, the best way to learn something is through a good laugh. And what could be better than learning about McDonalds memes through a good laugh?

McDonalds isn’t the only company that’s been the victim of hilarious internet memes.McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, and for good reason. Not only are their restaurants easy to find and comfortable, but their food is delicious. However, McDonald’s doesn’t just serve up burgers and fries; they also have a rich history that goes well beyond their burgers and fries. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best McDonalds memes as well as some of the lesser-known facts about McDonald’s. From Ronald to McNugget madness, read on for some laughs and insight into one of the world’s most popular chains. (Also Read: What is the Lightning Staff Code?)

What is the origin and history of McDonald’s?

McDonalds Meme

Mcdonald’s is a worldwide chain of fast-food restaurants founded in 1940. The company was originally founded as Macdonald’s Corporation and changed its name to McDonald’s Corporation in 1961. As of 2016, McDonald’s operates over 21,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. In addition to burgers and fries, the company offers salads, McGriddles breakfast sandwiches, Happy Meals, hot coffee, iced coffee, desserts, and much more.

The Most Popular McDonalds Memes

McDonalds is a global company that has been around since 1948. It is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in hamburgers, fries, and Coca-Cola. McDonalds has become known for its funny memes and the jokes that go along with them. Here are the most popular McDonalds memes:

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1. The Wiener Stories: A series of memes featuring people telling humorous stories about their interactions with wiener dogs at Mcdonald’s.

2. Mac n’Cheese: A series of images featuring people’s food pairing Mcdonald’s food items with other well-known foods like pasta or pizza.

3. Ronald: A meme featuring a photo of Ronald McDonald with a shocked expression on his face, often used to show disbelief or when making fun of the character.

4. Happy Meals: A series of images featuring happy children eating their Happy Meals, often juxtaposed with sad adults who have not had their Happy Meal yet.

5. McRib Season: A seasonal meme where people post photos of McNuggets covered in sticky barbecue sauce to show how much they love the McRib sandwich at Mcdonald’s during the winter season.

6. The guy who asked for a quarter pounder with cheese and got a McNugget: This meme is probably one of the most popular McDonalds memes because it’s so true. People often forget that you can ask for anything on the menu at McDonalds and chances are you’ll get something different than what you were expecting.

7. The “I’m not eating that” meme: This is one of the funniest McDonalds memes because it perfectly captures the frustration people feel when they’re trying to order food at the drive-thru and someone in front of them is already eating their meal. It also shows how quickly people can be when they don’t want to wait.

8. The McRibs are back!: Another classic McDonalds meme is this hilarious picture of a McNugget with barbecue sauce covering it all over. Just like their namesake ribs, McRibs are usually only available during certain months or during special events like Christmas time.

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9. The Ronald McDonald statue: One of the most famous McDonalds memes is this adorable statue of Ronald McDonald holding a hamburger in his hand. He’s often used as an image for funny posts about burgers or just to make people laugh.

What makes McDonald’s memes so great?

McDonald’s memes are popular because they’re relatable. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the fast food restaurant or just enjoy a good laugh, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one meme featuring your favorite McDonald’s meal. For example From the classic “I’m not really a hamburger person, but I love me some McNuggets” to the hilarious “holy crap, I ate too many McNuggets, and now I have McNuggetitis,” these jokes are perfect for when you want to take a break from your homework and curl up with a good book but can’t resist cracking a smile at the absurdity of life.

They make people laugh. Whether it’s a simple joke about the McNugget or an elaborate pun, McDonald’s memes always have something to offer. Some of our favorites include the “I’m not a McNugget” meme, the “What is your sign?” meme, and the “I’m not eating that” meme. McDonald’s memes make us happy, and we hope they can do the same for you.

They’re easy to share, and everyone can enjoy them. Whether you’re a big fan of the fast food chain or just looking for a quick laugh, these memes will have you in stitches

McDonalds memes are some of the best out there because they are always funny and relatable. Whether you’re a fan of the golden arches or not, you can’t help but chuckle when you see one. Plus, they’re a good way to spend your free time!

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The Worst McDonalds Memes

Mcdonald’s has a bad rap. It’s not always deserved, but there’s something about the fast-food giant that rubs people the wrong way. And that’s why we love these McDonalds memes. They’re clever, and they make fun of the restaurant in a way that’s both funny and accurate. Here are some of our favorites:

1) “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you over the sound of me eating my McNugget.”
2) “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you over the sound of me munching on my McMuffin.”
3) “The fries are fresh here, unlike everything else at this establishment.”
4) “The McNuggets are made from real chicken.” “The rest is just a marketing ploy.”
5) “You can get anything at McDonald’s, as long as it tastes terrible and costs $5.”


If you’re a fan of Mcdonald’s, then you will definitely enjoy these hilarious memes. From Ronald to McDoogle (yes, that’s his real name), these fast-food jokes will have you in stitches. So whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or some inspiration for your next meal at the Golden Arches, check out our list of the funniest McDonalds memes available online today! (Also Read: Why You Should Join Hustler University 2023)