05 Oct 2022

Explainer: What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?

The majority of crypto in circulation today make use of one of two primary consensus processes. Proof of work is the more established method, and it is the one that crypto like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, an


16 Sep 2022

Charles Hoskinson Criticizes Ethereum PoS

Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of IOG and the Cardano blockchain, came to Twitter to comment on a recent letter that was delivered by the Kraken exchange. His tweets focused on the contents of the


05 Jul 2022

Hoskinson Slams Jimmy Song for Ridiculing Proof-of-Stake

Charles Hoskinson, an American entrepreneur and co-founder of the Cardano and Ethereum Blockchains has voiced his anger at the recent criticism of the proof-of-stake consensus method made by cryptog

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