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James Carter

15 Feb 2023

Ex-Mitsubishi Electric CEO’s Son Charged with Violent Crypto Theft

The son of a former CEO of Mitsubishi Electric has been detained in connection with a violent crypto-robbery and kidnapping case in Japan. The case involves the alleged confinement and beating of a cryptocurrency holder over the course of a period of 20 days.

According to the Weekly Bunshun, police in Kyoto Prefecture have detained eight individuals on suspicion of kidnapping, assaulting, and confining a person. According to the police, this was all part of a plan to steal tokens valued at approximately 0.75 million dollars. According to the officers, Sugiyama Leo, age 30, was the head of the criminal organization.

It was said that Sugiyama Leo was a “business executive” and that he ran a gym in Osaka. The news site further mentioned that his father is Takeshi Sugiyama, who was the Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Electric during the years 2018 to 2021.

According to the information provided by the media source, Sugiyama Leo found out in June of the previous year that a member of a gym in Osaka that he oversaw was in possession of significant amounts of crypto assets.

The guy in question was claimed to have been confined to a room in a guest home by Sugiyama Leo and his colleagues, according to the police. In this instance, the victim allegedly suffered “multiple assaults while being bound with sticky tape.”

According to the statements made by the officers, the victim received multiple “kicks in the head.” The perpetrators allegedly “threatened to kill the victim’s family” as well, with this threat being made in the event that the victim “ran away or lied to them.” According to the police, the perpetrators of the attack were eventually successful in forcing the victim to hand over the private keys to their cryptocurrency wallet.

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Ex-Mitsubishi Electric CEO’s Son Charged with Violent Crypto Theft

After that, the gang allegedly went on to steal the cryptocurrency, but the victim was able to get away in the end, according to the police. After being set free, the victim went looking for assistance from a “passerby” in the area of the guest’s home.

It is possible that the former CEO of Mitsubishi Electric could spend three to four years in prison for committing a “heinous crypto crime.”
A former public prosecutor by the name of Nobuo Gohara was interviewed by the media outlet, and he stated:

“This was a particularly horrific crime in which the vulnerable victim was assaulted while being held captive,” the prosecutor said. The victim was forced to pay a significant sum of money to the criminals who committed the crime.

According to Gohara’s assessment, a prison sentence of at least three to four years for Sugiyama Leo was “inevitable” in the event that he was found guilty.

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the most well-known and successful manufacturers of electrical items in Japan. The company was founded in 1921. One of the most successful and profitable family-owned and operated corporate conglomerates in Asia is the Mitsubishi Group, of which this corporation is a vital component.

It was alleged that a woman in her nineties who lived in Tokyo was conned out of $748,000 worth of cryptocurrency by a con artist who claimed that her bank account was under attack.