Despite the fact that metaverse and Web3.0 are now the trendiest topics in the industry, not everyone appears to be in favor of the technology owing to personal feelings. In a recent interview with The Babylon Bee, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, stated that he does not anticipate a future in which the metaverse would entirely immerse humans in virtual reality, like its proponents are promising.

According to the Tesla CEO, the only way people will be able to experience virtual reality is through a sophisticated Neuralink, Musk’s neurotechnology that surgically implants a microprocessor called a link into the brain in order to improve physical skills.

One of the reasons Musk feels the metaverse’s future potential may be hampered is because of its negative consequences for individuals. Motion sickness is triggered by wearing a virtual reality headset, especially while playing video games, and he never sees someone wearing a screen to their face all day.

Furthermore, Musk, who last year changed his title to Tesla’s Technoking, stated that the metaverse is in contrast to the cautions he heard as a child about the dangers of sitting in front of the television. Musk’s remarks came less than three days after claiming that Web3 is more of a marketing gimmick than a reality.

“I’m not suggesting that Web3 is real – [it] seems more [of a] marketing buzzword than reality right now – just wondering what the future will be like in 10, 20 or 30 years. 2051 sounds like a crazy futuristic,” Musk tweeted on Sunday.